Meet Mo Shaikh, a Bulldog Breeder and Content Creator, Who is Spearheading Texas-based Top Dog Breeding and Cellular Retail Businesses

Success is a largely subjective topic, but there are surely some common features that can make it recognizable even from afar. The article you’re currently reading about an influencer is one such example of obvious success. Mo Shaikh, a Texas-based influencer and dog breeder, has earned a good reputation nationally and internationally by making hard decisions and sticking by them every step of the way. Today, he claims a top spot in the cellular retail and dog breeding industries.

The journey to the top, whatever it might be, is never an easy one. It tests one to the best of their capabilities and requires back-breaking efforts, unwavering determination, timely improvisations, and a positive attitude to overpower the mental and emotional toil. The intensity of these challenges depends upon your background; If you have family backing, supportive parents, and sufficient financial means, you are good to go.


However, in Mo’s case, he had none of these. Yet, he rose against all the odds.

He was born in a poverty-stricken immigrant family whose sole breadwinners were his increasingly aging parents. But even though Mo and his siblings came of age, they had to wait until they were lawfully allowed to work. Paying house bills became their prime responsibility. During this period, Mo came across a reckoning – “I knew I wanted more out of life.”

And more he shall have it if he puts enough effort, takes the right routes and stays subtle. A teenager standing at the threshold of adulthood, he knew it all. He was a brilliant student who never boasted about his impeccable skills, even when he had the best results. One couldn’t help but wonder how he would do that. But Mo was a voyager of his own, one who never looked back because he was eyeing the future.

But one fateful day, when he finished high school, he was met with a fork in the road, as Robert Frost wrote, diverging them in two different directions. One led toward college, and the other toward working in a cellular retail business. Mo stood there calm and composed, thinking about what he wanted from the future and which way aligned with his dreams. And eventually, he chose the road less traveled by and that made all the difference.

Choosing work over a college education is a rare move we see these days. But Mo made the decision worth it. A disciplined being, he persevered and finally purchased the same store from the owner he was working at. If there is ever a book written on Mo’s life, this moment would surely be written as a turning point. Today, his cellular business has found its way to the top in the industry with 8 retail locations across the US.


Did we mention Mo is also a keen dog person? That’s why the second of his successful ventures was FrenchBabyBullz, a highly-acclaimed bulldog breeding business. Earning his name, fame, and millions in the industries he is working in, Mo lives a life many often dream about. Perhaps it’s about time we stop being plagued by indecision at the fork in the road and embark on the road less traveled by.

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