Meet Michel Arlindo: Personal Trainer and Digital Influencer Who Is Drilling Millions of People at Home with His Enriching Experience in Fitness

Sitting less and doing moderate-to-vigorous physical activity can help you accumulate some health benefits. Who wouldn’t like to be physically fit and healthy? Certainly, everyone does! Keeping yourself engaged in regular exercise strengthens the heart, enhances flexibility, improves tone muscles, and much more. Michel Arlindo, an enthusiastic gym trainer, is a perfect exemplary icon who is giving people the opportunity to lose weight without leaving their homes.

Being born in São Vicente, the estate of São Paulo, Michel was raised with a great interest in sports and practicing physical activities. His intense passion for physical fitness fueled his fire to lead toward the relevant field. Thus, Michel decided to study physical education at the university. After graduating in physical education, Michel worked at the second biggest company in Brazil, WeBourn, with the intention of gym training at home.


Until March 2019, Michel worked as a personal trainer at the gym but failed to continue because the Government clinched the pandemic, and the lockdown left him downright cheesed off by affecting his job. Instead of being dismayed, Michel continued to find better opportunities to help people be more physically and mentally healthy.

Consequently, Michel started his business in gym training at home to give people an amazing opportunity to lose weight with fantastic methods. Michel has been full of fitness ideas since the day he was born. Hence, he came up with the method QG10 (Queima Gordura em 10), which burns fats in 10 minutes. Luckily, this method reached astounding heights of success when more than 500 people lost weight using this method.

Michel’s pool of tremendous achievements has to be filled yet. He wears the crown of being a social media influencer with more than 4 million followers. Having millions of followers is not a piece of cake. Moreover, Michel Arlindo manages to post videos on his Instagram page with 178K followers for people who don’t want to leave their houses to go to the gym or pay a considerable amount of money.


If you doubt my words, check out his official Instagram michelarlindo. It will surely leave you surprised!