Meet Michael Kreiser – Multimedia Artist and Owner of Fine Art at MK

People from all walks of life experience the world differently. Some see it in a more analytical and critical manner, while others are more open-minded, free-spirited, and see things through rose-colored glasses. Michael Kresier is one such individual who shares his point of view through his artistic and creative abilities. He is a digital artist who creates faux comic book covers with a little twist. Michael turns specific lyrics from a song into an illustration with his imaginative mind.

He discovered his love and talent for drawing and creating art quite early in life. His parents were more than happy to support him in his artistic endeavors and even enrolled him in an art program so he could get the training he needed. Michael had a bit of a troubled childhood, resulting in him acting out and rebelling against authoritative figures. These were some of the darkest years of his life, but all his pent-up anger and consequential reactions died out when his best friend met an untimely death. Michael realized that he had to gain a positive outlook on his life. He left that rebellious, troublemaking phase behind and decided to work on a brighter future for himself.


After finishing university, he began creating oil paintings on commissions. During those first few years, while serving a small clientele, Michael also worked at Olive Garden to make ends meet. After years of working odd jobs, he finally got his big break in 2017. With the release of Kendrick Lamar’s album “DAMN,” Michael was introduced to “Kung Fu Kenny” – an alter ego the singer used in his songs. He had a unique vision of Kung Fu Kenny as a comic book character, which inspired him to depict the character on his first-ever faux comic book cover. He shared it on Reddit and received an overwhelmingly positive response and praise for his creation.

Soon after, his art began to sell tremendously, and he wanted to create and sell even more. This motivated him to create an account on Etsy and other platforms where he could share his work for a profit. It didn’t take long for him to set up his own digital art company, Fine Art Of MK, where he now sells fantastic art and prints it on different mediums, like shirts, canvases, phone cases, and even stickers for his audience.

Michael’s life is an ode to triumphing over adversity. He was soon riddled with a serious disease, necrosis, and had to undergo hip replacement. Despite the toll it took on his health, he continued to draw, never letting his optimism fade, and his art sales continued to grow each day.


Since the inception of his company, the revenue of his sales has surpassed a million dollars, an achievement he is exceptionally proud of. He even worked with HBO for a documentary and designed several full screen animations for one of the episodes. Michael always had the desire to show his love for pop culture in a way that was unique to him. He is a driven and dedicated artist who pushes himself to create art and share it with the rest of the world.

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