Meet Kardell Sims: An Ex-inmate Who Is Using Experience to Counsel and Inspire Youth Facing Similar Issues

Too often, our perception of inmates and prisoners is tainted by stereotypes and biases. Instead of getting tangled in such tendencies and further alienating the prisoners, it is better to indulge in a healthy dialogue about how to best address criminality and the reintegration process with those who’ve been there and have lived the prison experiences just like Kardell Sims. Ex-inmate Kardell Sims sure knows a thing or two about overcoming the odds of recidivism and re-entering society as a free and respected individual.

An inmate-turned-entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, Kardell Sims, is one lucky man who grabbed the chance to free himself from self-destruction and ultimate failures. Although it took him almost 20 years to identify and realize his success genesis, the former prisoner finally took the reigns into his own hands before it was too late, setting a perfect example of better late than never.

After serving two extensive sentences in the State and Federal prison, Kardell changed the course of his life and transitioned from a prisoner to a certified entrepreneur, earning himself an honorable position in society. However, he didn’t stop at that. Sharing a lifetime of experiences, Kardell has dedicated the later chapter of his life to helping the youth stay away from crime, allowing them to learn from someone who has walked that path. Through his podcast, The Re-entry Journey, Kardell is helping people grow from being an inmate to free individuals, all the while overcoming the odds of recidivism.

In hopes of rebuilding the neighborhood he helped destroy when he was out there on the streets drug-dealing and gang-banging, Kardell started a non-profit company named N.O.R.T.H, Northside Organization, Reinventing The Honor. The non-profit organization is an ode to Kardell’s journey from behind bars to reaching a point where he is proudly helping, educating, and encouraging others to pursue and fulfill their destiny.

Being in and out of prison countless times, Kardell is a proper subject matter expert whose experiences are worth a thousand words. And now, he’s on a mission to let his valuable experiences inspire others and help them stay out of jail. “Criminality cannot be an option,” says Kardell, who’s walked the path of criminality himself and is well aware of the harsh consequences. The ex-inmate stresses that while reintegration might be a complicated process, criminality should never be the choice.

Without a doubt, the first-hand experiences of individuals who’ve been involved with the justice system contain much more wisdom than any. So do Kardell’s. Visit his YouTube channel here to glimpse some of the best evidence-based practices and interventions helping individuals desist from a life of crime and delinquency.