Meet Jim Larsen: Top Leader in Network Marketing and Creator of Highlight Link

Jim Larsen provides a great example of how hard work and persistence can improve even the worst circumstances of your life. He went from working for someone else’s dream to making an action plan for his dreams. The journey was long but he was finally able to believe in himself and his ability to be successful in something he’s passionate about.

Jim is currently a top leader in the network marketing space and an entrepreneur. He was not aware of his potenti al to run a business until much later in his life. Growing up in a middle-class family, he was taught to work hard and trade time for money from a young age. He was struck with a poverty mentality for so long that he started believing that his life was just about fulfilling someone else’s dream with no room for his own. As a result, he drifted for years, jumping from one college degree to another. He is a registered nurse by education and now uses his nursing degree to carry out his volunteer work around the world.

He started working in Network Marketing as a side-gig to help meet the financial requirements of his family. Jim and his wife decided to partner with a Direct Selling skincare company in 2013 and ended up doing much more than just making a few dollars. In just 7 years they were able to become one of the top 0.1% of people representing the company and grow a multi-million dollar business in an industry known for failure stories. This success gave him a platform to speak on stages about their journey to success. He authored a book ‘Green Ninja’ and toured the country as a high-demand speaker in the Network Marketing circles. The speaking circuit opened opportunities for Jim to coach high-level entrepreneurial clients and eventually start an entrepreneurial podcast called ‘The Focus Initiative.’

Moreover, he is also the creator of Highlight Link which is a business that serves to be a solution for lack of websites for businesses, a common problem that he identified among his business-owning clients. People are deprived of a single website that they can go to find details regarding a business whereas business-owners are deprived of a single website that can help them sell their product or services. Highlight Link enables people to have a single place where businesses can introduce themselves online, build their rapport, connect via links to their business, passion, hobbies or even highlighted products for sale. Its unique selling point is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or money hence it is efficient and cost-effective.

It might have taken time but Jim Larsen was able to finally take control of his life by identifying his own goals and then working towards them with greater zeal and drive than ever before.