Meet Jermany Coney, a Lifestyle Content Creator Who Helps Other Content Creators Grow and Monetize Their Social Media

Success comes running to those who help others succeed in their ventures. It’s the best rule of life that we, as humans, can abide by. It is also the major driving force for Jermany Coney, who herself is an established lifestyle content creator and is now helping other content creators grow their careers in the same way.

Born and located in Houston TX, Jermany’s journey to success has not been an easy one. She was aware that being a black social media influencer wouldn’t always mean equal treatment and pay. She knew it was going to be tough, but she went for it anyway. Knowing that she comes from a racial minority, and minorities don’t often get treated fairly even in the social media world, Jermany still never gave up.

And here she is now, a successful lifestyle and social media content creator who is constantly influencing the lives of many others like her. Jermany’s story is all about courage, bravery, and most importantly, consistency and never giving up. She has worked diligently to earn herself a respectable position and now she is making use of it to help others do the same.

After setting up her social media business JermanyOnline, Jermany has been very keen on helping other women content creators find what they are looking for. Through social media, she aims to spread as much awareness and information as she can so that others can make use of it in their social media journey.

“I want to be blessed to be a blessing to others,” says Jermany. Well, that’s true since being a blessing to others is also a blessing not all have. Not all successful people want to see others succeed and not all of them do the best they can for the community. Jermany does not wish to be among those people. Her goal is simple yet huge; she wants to give back to the community as much as possible. 

Jermany’s business, JermanyOnline, is all about helping content creators and brands expand their social media and set their business apart from others. Do check it out and get some tips on growing and monetizing your social media presence.