Meet Jack Kellogg: Master of Soulful Music

Jack Kellogg is a 23-year-old American musician, mentor, and master of soulful music. He grew up in a small town in Connecticut. As a rising artist, Jack is successfully paving the way for himself in the music industry. Thousands of people follow his social media pages for his unique content related to music and entertainment. 

Background story 

Since childhood, Jack knew that he wanted to be a musician. Despite hostile conditions at home and a traumatic childhood haunted by bullying, he was determined to pursue his passion for music. As soon as he got done with high school, he moved out and started hustling for music-related work. Record labels and established production houses were not kind to him and this is why he decided to work independently and use social media platforms to gain followers. Within a few years, his songs started gaining recognition on digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud.


As he started gaining recognition, Jack realized he wanted to go further with his music career and was ready to invest in himself. He joined masterclasses with experts on performances, singing, and instruments. He also interned with leading production houses to gain useful insights into how the business worked. He spent four long years working hard, learning whatever he could get his hands onto, and gaining as much exposure as it was possible for him. 

One of the things that he held onto was his habit of writing something each day. Whenever he felt the creativity streak wake up during the day or night, he penned down his thoughts and created new melodies. That is something he still does to date and takes pride in it. As he says, “Some of the most soul-touching pieces that I have created were during my most vulnerable times.sometimes at the peak of the night or at times in the middle of the day. I write whenever I feel like it and that is how the creativity flows through.”

The private life of Jack Kellogg

Jack Kellogg describes himself as shy, introverted, and reserved. “I have always found it hard to express. As a child, I was always made fun of because of my learning disability, Dyslexia. I had no siblings at home, so I had no one to talk to most of the time. My music was perhaps my best friend, and sometimes when I felt the need to express myself, I wrote. It developed into a habit, and today it is my business!”


Apart from creating music, Jack loves to travel the world and watch communities around the world. His recent travels to Africa have been penned down too, and we just can’t wait to hear about them as beautiful melodies!