Meet H Due: A Certified Veterinary Technician and the Person behind

Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) engross themselves in caring for special needs animals suffering from certain diseases or disabilities. They practice their passion by helping pets find homes, tackle their illnesses, and give them a chance to live healthy lives.

One such passionate CVT is H Due, an individual striving for the betterment of special needs pets. Attending a tech school from 2012 to 2015, H has worked as a CVT for the past seven years. H’s duty as an experienced Veterinary Technician is to help animals of all types live a healthy and hopeful life. They have invested in providing excellent care for suffering animals with their expertise, medical knowledge, and clinical experiences.


CVT experts take care of laboratory tests, assist in surgeries, and treat sick animals. Helping licensed veterinarians, they are expected to take all the necessary precautions for a pet’s survival and betterment. X-rays and preparation for surgeries, administering medications and collecting animal case histories all fall under their job description.

Working at a general practice, H Due has performed their task exceptionally well. Their duties in the clinic are just the tip of the iceberg. They have provided valuable insight to pet owners to ensure that their beloved companion lives their life to the fullest. They have done their best to understand the behavior of animals and continuously relay the basics of animal care to owners and caretakers.

As an individual who is well aware of animals and their needs, H Due has interacted with the general public and posted about their pets on their Instagram. They upload regular content on their Instagram page,, which also inspired the catchy name Nora Jean the Earless Queen. With more than 36,000 followers, the page is dedicated to Nora the cat, who battled an ear infection and survived. Nora may have no ears, but she is nothing short of a miracle with her hearing intact and her whole life secured.


As the page grows with numerous followers, H posts daily about Nora’s struggles and how she counters them. People have been captivated by Nora’s bravery and by H Due’s unwavering commitment. The consistently positive feedback is inspiring and has motivated H to refer to their pack of animals at home as “The Due Zoo.”