Meet Dr. Ravi Shankar – Aiming to Bring Excellence and Innovation to Cancer Care in India

It is often said that doctors are angels in disguise – they are the epitome of selflessness, care, and compassion. If this wasn’t already true, the pandemic has taught us as much to believe in it wholeheartedly. Doctors, first responders, and healthcare professionals have done more than most people to ensure humanity’s safety, security, and longevity in the last three years. Dr. Ravi Shankar is no different. With his utmost commitment to saving lives and making a change, he truly is an inspiration. 

Dr. Ravi was raised in a loving household in the soft landscapes of Bihar. His father had a transferable job with the government of Bihar. This gave Dr. Ravi an opportunity to learn about the subtle cultural differences present in a small geographical area. He got an opportunity to move out of the state to pursue his higher studies. The cultural differences and similarities  in different parts of India have always intrigued him to understand  humans as an entity, better. Determined to make a lasting impact in society, he aims to alleviate the pain and suffering.


After completing his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, one of the country’s most prestigious medical colleges, he pursued his post graduation from the same institute. He considers his stay there to be a pivotal moment in his life for learning and growth. He subsequently moved on to the next chapter of his life as a Senior Resident at Tata Memorial Hospital. This period helped him strengthen his resolve to serve the society and contribute in alleviating the pain and suffering of cancer patients. Eventually he joined the same institute as an Assistant Professor. Later on, he went on to play an important role in expanding the services of  Head and Neck Surgery department at Tata Memorial Centre, Varanasi and regularizing the academic activities over there.

Today, Dr. Ravi is one of Mumbai’s leading Head and Neck specialists and Oncosurgeon, having treated over a thousand patients. He is also an academic and researcher, who has supervised and trained many young doctors and healthcare aspirants. Dr. Ravi believes that the cancer care system in India requires innovation.  He believes rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery from cancer and immediate steps need to be taken to innovate efficient ways for improving its efficacy. As per Dr Ravi, the rehabilitation of a cancer patient starts right at the moment he enters the hospital. He emphasizes pre-treatment rehabilitation as an important factor which can alter the treatment outcome. As such, he regularly hosts seminars and speaks at conferences. He hopes to consolidate rehabilitation services all across India, with a special and focused approach towards improving the functional outcome of cancer patients.


With his steady commitment to humanity, Dr. Ravi has made great strides in the sphere of oncology. He currently works as a senior healthcare consultant at HCG Cancer center in Mumbai. You can connect with Dr. Ravi on his LinkedIn to learn more about his experience and work or reach out to him on Twitter

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