Meet Dr. Amberleigh Carter – Doctor of Metaphysics, Alternative Medical Practitioner, Writer, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Have you ever considered health practices beyond traditional medicine? Are you looking for stable and productive lifestyle intervention programs? If yes, then Dr. Amberleigh Carter is the person for you. A doctor of metaphysics and alternative medical practitioner, Dr. Amberleigh is helping people change their lives by connecting with themselves and their intuition. Thanks to her extensive research and knowledge base, Dr. Amberleigh’s expertise in the field is undeniable.

Growing up, Dr. Amberleigh had unwavering faith in the experts and traditional scientific practices.  Despite her intuitive nature, she followed a traditional lifestyle based on the principles of empirical science.

This is why she pursued a degree in Exercise Science, with a minor in Neuroscience and Psychology.  Throughout her collegiate education, she implemented all of the “latest and greatest” health recommendations made by experts based on research.  However, she was more overweight, inflamed, and unhealthy than ever.  After graduating, with this experience, she embarked on a career in scientific research.

Despite this successful career as the Director of Brain Wellness for a world-renowned research institute, Dr. Amberleigh started developing a deeper distrust for conventional health recommendations and the research realm that was largely funded by institutional conglomerates. 

Disenchanted with the system, and not having found her answers through traditional means, she started to turn inward, remembering that perhaps she knew best.  

As a result of following her own instincts, her health started turning around, and the truth began to reveal itself.  This led to her search for a scientific explanation as to why her instincts worked, especially when it was the exact opposite of what was recommended to her by the ‘experts’.  She found her answers in the science of Metaphysics. This approach focused on connecting with energy beyond the five main senses of perception.  

This was eye opening for Dr. Amberleigh. She finally had a scientific answer for her problems. She knew that her intuition was correct; she just had to connect with it.  This alternative p ath helped Dr. Amberleigh listen to her body’s voice.

She earned an additional Bachelor’s degree, as well as a Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and became a board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner. Seeing an opportunity to help others, Dr. Amberleigh started her business Kinection Holistic Health – a consultation service providing lifestyle interventions based on helping people connect with their own innate knowledge and wisdom. 

Currently, Dr. Amberleigh provides both in-person and phone consultations, and she provides other forms of education through writing e-books, public speaking engagements, and online webinars.  She also hosts her own podcast Ask Amberleigh, where she discusses the impact of energy on the physical body and beneficial lifestyle practices. Dr. Amberleigh’s primary goal is to help people connect back to the basics and, ultimately, back to themselves.