Meet DJ Michael Ramos: A Successful and Influential Musician

Michael Ramos is an accomplished musician who has been DJing since 2000. He is a well-versed DJ and a recognized professional in the music industry for his mixes. DJ Michael knows how to bring the adrenaline rush in the crowd with his exceptional choice of music and remixes.

DJ Michael’s inspirational journey begins from a passion that transformed into a legit business with dedication and hard work. He has always been a goal-driven person who overcame many complications to be successful. Michael came from a low-income family that struggled with finances for a long time. He learned DJing to follow his passion and to earn money.


As a high school kid, Michael did tedious jobs to collect money. He bought old cars and fixed them to sell for profit. While doing the hard work, Michael also learned DJing from his uncle and decided to pursue his career as a DJ. He hosted many middle school parties and small events to make his name in the industry.

Michael opened a DJing business through personal development and smart decisions to organize his clients and manage the event well. NuStyle features high-quality sound and lighting that fulfill the clients’ entertainment needs. The event hosted by DJ Michael is memorable for its unique music style and mixes. Whether it is a celebratory party or a wedding ceremony, he has the perfect list of song mixes to maintain the mood.

Music has always been his passion. Lucky for Michael, he realized this passion at a very young age. He chose music because of the excitement that it radiates to people. Through his music, Michael wants to help people forget their worries and figure out what they want in life. He wants people to live a life by their own choices, and his music conveys that message through his unique mixing techniques.

The result of his success is the consistency to achieve dreams in life. He is truly an inspiration for people to follow. Michael believes that personal development and the constant pursuit of perfection have led him to be prosperous in life.


His musical taste is well-liked by the crowd because he keeps up with the latest trends and is always experimenting with new music genres and mixing. Through NuStyle, Michael aims to revolutionize the music industry with DJing.

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