Meet Amer Safaee – An Inspiration To The World

Amer Safaee is an Entrepreneur and investor, who was born in Daykundi, Afghanistan in 1980. Amer is best known for the company he Founded ‘Bama Security Company’.

Early Life And Education:

Amer Safaee is an Afghani entrepreneur and investor who belongs to a poor family and grew up in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is facing war, military invasion and terrorist attacks from decades and is facing many economic conditions. In these critical and hard conditions, Amer Safaee finished a bachelor’s in information and Technology. He also completed a master’s in MBA. He is based in Dubai, London (England), and currently lives in Turkey.


Amer Safaee is a successful and renowned entrepreneur and investor who founded a company ‘Bama Security Company’ named. He extended his business in Europe and Asia and making it ‘ The Bama Group of Companies’ which operates in 10 different countries including UAE, UK, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Germany. The company provides IT related services. Amer Safaee is currently serving as a General Manager at Bama Security Company. He invested in the beauty and fashion sector as a company named ‘ZAZZ’ company which operates in five different countries.

Values and Beliefs:

Amer Safaee believes in working hard using our full potential of the mind to achieve the best results for the growth of the business. He is not scared to take risks and believes in logical reasoning supported by calculated facts and figures about that risk. Economical fluctuations and unprecedented worsening situations in the middle east made him face failure two times but that did not stop him from being a successful entrepreneur and investor by being a barrier to all of the obstacles that came in Infront of him. He believes success is next to risk. His beliefs include doing business which is unbiased and should not harm the morals, ethnicity, or any people. This strategy will have God’s blessing which will be beneficial for business.

Personal Life and Targets:

Amer Safaee is single and loves fashion, travel, and luxury cars. He loves horse riding and walking animals to ease his stressful mind after hours of work and planning. He aims to expand his business into 50 countries by the end of 2025.

In short, the life and work of Amer Safaee is an inspiration, guide, and support to newcomers and people who are risk avert and are afraid to take risks. His hard work and efforts have made him a successful entrepreneur and investor in many countries.