Meet Adriana Lee: A Vegas-based Yoga Instructor, Author, and Content Creator

In life, you will come across many individuals whose entire focus is spreading positivity and making efforts to create a difference in the world. Perhaps, these are the people our society thrives on, and they are certainly the ones to lead the change. Adriana Lee, a Vegas-based yoga instructor, author, and well-known content creator has similar interests; she is on a journey to heal and help others through yoga, leveraging her vast yoga experience and teaching expertise.

Since her childhood, Adriana has been fond of art, music, writing, and all things creative. Fast forward to when she started yoga, she found joy in practicing the exercise. However, as she indulged in it deeper, yoga gave a whole new meaning to her life and became the ultimate escape from adversaries. It helped her get out of pain and appreciate the good things in the world. Gradually, yoga became her career and a way to connect with people as she began teaching it.


Over the years, Adriana has seen an enormous transformation in herself, and she owes it all to yoga, music, and writing. She believes yoga can get someone back on their feet and bring positive energy into their lives. She is now a co-owner of Solstice Yoga, a yoga school and virtual yoga studio in Las Vegas. Through different yoga teacher training programs, both online and in person, Adriana helps people increase their strength and endurance. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience and tries to help others as much as possible.

Adriana has unstoppable energy and enjoys connecting with different people and learning new things. Her social media content creation journey is another outlet for her to channel her energy. She started making videos on TikTok and Instagram to inspire and motivate others through her yoga practice.

Through various online yoga workshops, courses, and one-on-one sessions, Adriana has changed many lives for good. She is the master of her craft, and her knowledge of yoga helps people understand their own bodies’ strengths and weaknesses. Her journey from a beginner to a yoga instructor has substantially impacted her life and has helped her deal with body dysmorphia, past traumas, and more.


Recently she launched her first book, “Yoga for Flexibility: Poses and Practices for Improving Full-Body Mobility Over Time.” Released on September 6th of this year, the book has been a success, receiving positive feedback from everywhere.

With everything she does, whether content creation, yoga teaching, or writing a book, Adriana wants to empower people and make them feel good about their bodies. For more information related to her online courses, here is a link to her official website.

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