Meet 7-Figure Influencer Harrison Nevel

Social media has proven to be beneficial for businesses and brand building. It allows the entrepreneur to communicate and reach the right audience at the right time. Besides, it is faster and easier to use to drive more traffic to your business. Social media also allows you to increase your online presence and to track your competition. YouTube is one of the social media channels. 

YouTube’s user base is highly growing, and statistics show that YouTube has at least 2 billion logged-in users every month. YouTube stars are currently self-made celebrities. They have earned a broad audience by creating valuable content intended to entertain, teach, review, and advertise.

Harrison Nevel is one of the great entrepreneurs who grew his following on social media using YouTube.

Who Exactly Is Harrison Nevel?

Harrison Nevel is a YouTuber from Atlanta. The 25-year-old influencer creates videos online for people to watch. He not only loves his job but also is obsessed with it. His main niche on YouTube is all things sneakers. He has 400,000 followers on Instagram. He has a total following of more than 1.8 million across all of his social channels that lead to millions upon millions of views, likes, and interactions every month. Moreover, he encourages people to always have real consistency and avoid setting unrealistic goals that will hinder them from succeeding. 

How Harrison Wins A Large Number Of YouTube Subscribers

Harrison knows the strategies to use to attract millions of people to his YouTube channel. He makes sure that he creates content that will entertain his audience. Also, he ensures that his content can reach as many new audiences as possible. Harrison has an exciting profile that helps him sell his channel to potential subscribers. He has also put searchable titles to make work more comfortable when the audience searches for his content. Besides, his main goal is to get more YouTube subscribers and advertise his products to help people. 

Therefore, he creates consistent content that allows the audience to know how often the videos are published, and as a result, he grows his channel. Currently, he has more than 1.3 million subscribers and more than 160 million views on YouTube.

How Can You Make Money On YouTube

Harrison is a great entrepreneur and influencer who impacts the lives of many people on YouTube. He is making seven figures from his channel. He travels across Atlanta with moves to meet people who watch his creative videos. The opportunities to earn money on YouTube and become a millionaire are a pleasant surprise. The amount of money you make on YouTube is exclusively determined by the number of views and subscribers you have. The amount you earn can also be determined by the revenue channels you analyze, the niche you serve, and the level of commitment you have.

Harrison managed to create multiple streams of income from his massive YouTube following. Being able to create those separate income streams was essential for him in order to continue being an online creator, grow, and create content for millions. 

Therefore, to make money on YouTube, be consistent in finding more subscribers because they are the ones who will share your content with others, and grow your subscriber base.