Marine Conservation through Imagery — Notable Photographer, Videographer, and Content Creator Jason Borkland Explains It All

Beautiful scalloped Hammerheads and a Momma Humpback Whale teaching her baby Humpback how to dive. Seeing an awe-inspiring shiver of sharks and schools of dolphins making their way home. Funny little harbor seals who have their entire lives sorted. Ocean time and then nap time. Magnificent marine creatures and the up-close depiction of how they live under the deep, blue sea.

These are some of the amazing captures of the notable photographer, seasoned technical diver, and content creator Jason Borkland, who is using his creative skills to show an unseen side to marine life and the majestic oceans we think we know all about.


The Texan influencer was introduced to his passion for ocean conservation when he began underwater photography and videography as a  master diver. Watching a whole new world unfold its wonders to him as he dove under the sea compelled him to take a piece of the memory along with him. This was when he began documenting pelagic animals. “I became a professional diver to help people learn to dive. Along that journey, I found the scientific diving community that I really fit into.  The introduction to the scientific community started in 2017, leading me to work with notable scientists like Randall Arauz and Mauricio Hoyos”.

Jason’s images and videos have been used by scientists across the world, especially in Costa Rica, where they provided the evidence that sparked a policy change to protect critical areas. He has won GoPro awards multiple times for his mind-blowing underwater images and underwater tagging of Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Giant Mantas, and Galapagos sharks. Having filmed with some of the best professionals in the underwater film industry for Nat Geo and Discovery Channel, Jason’s skills as a photographer are unquestionable; his photography has a story to tell about marine conservation.

According to Jason, underwater photography has the power to change minds and show people the wonders of the amazing world we live in. The marine environment is a reality that is largely ignored. Bringing it to the general audience and introducing them to the charms of the underwater world has become his ultimate goal in order to conserve it for future generations.


Jason works hard to help both science and conservation of marine resources while making sure that through every ounce of his being, he is able to lead the way to the marine conversation through imagery.

Watch his space on Instagram @jasonborkland and explore the underwater world and so much more.

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