Letting Her Art Carry Her Narrative, Sue De Chiara Has Found Her True Calling

Art captures the essence of what lies in the unexplored crevices of our hearts. It is a wondrous form of expression, invigorating the creator’s soul and giving them a platform to unleash all their inner perceptions. Art connoisseurs believe that the stories narrated through this forum demonstrate a great sense of appreciation. Sue De Chiara found her true calling when she unwrapped her first canvas, taking her narrative to the next level. 

Born and raised amidst a group of creative thinkers, Sue unleashed her inner artist as she explored and experimented with colors and ideas. Sue’s primary source and style of work is abstract art which is renowned for taking the narrative and beautifying it. Geometric shapes, unidentifiable lines and scribbles, and a mesh of alluring colors resonate within her artwork. Her color palette and perception of art expanded as she gained insight into the intricate details pertaining to various art forms. 

Sue has always been a master of color coordination and application. She has fused elements and ideas with incredible elegance and harmony, often exuding a homely aura. This expertise comes with her years of experience as a home design and lifestyle blogger, operating and flourishing under the name of The Zhush. She relayed her beautiful home designs for the world, inculcating colors, decor, and installments that perfectly blend into her house. 

Unleashing her artistic balance in her home implored Sue to go beyond and get in touch with her roots. And so began Sue De Chiara, a website solely focusing on her outstanding artistic work. Abstraction, for Sue, is not limited by its mere presence on the canvas. For her, it takes various forms and shapes; and with each new creation, Sue has attached her unwavering love, passion, and zeal. It wasn’t that home decor bored her; it was the inspiration that finally caused her to take a step toward formulating her art.

As an abstract artist, Sue does not take command of the flow of her brush. She allows her emotions, ideas, and willingness to create such impeccable art to take control of her. She merely dips her paintbrush and comes with a sense of accomplishment. The canvas at the end is reminiscent of her time spent in her art studio. As her artwork takes various forms of expression, Sue dedicates her appreciative experience to her own life and the freedom that abstraction welcomes.

Bringing in a style that creates mystifying experiences and art pieces, Sue is embarking on a journey and emanating her inner creative spirit.