Let’s Meet the Influencer and Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Cameron Chesnut, MD

With ambitious thinking comes ambitious results. This has been the driving force for Dr. Cameron Chesnut, a renowned and double board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. Known for using his experience, knowledge, and innovative techniques in the operating room, Dr. Chesnut is leading the way as an inspirational figure. With dedication running through his veins, his expertise goes beyond limitations and reaches far and wide into the surgical sphere, and he has patients traveling from all over the world to see him.

Born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Dr. Chesnut was raised by a dietitian and nutritionist, enabling him to acquire valuable information about biohacking long before it became a trend. Much of his work links back to the time he spent with his family and the influx of knowledge he gained in their company. Entering college on an athletic scholarship, Dr. Chesnut’s academic performance was exemplary, and his artistic skills invited him to work more. While at college, he majored in nutrition, putting into practice what he had learned in real-life situations and assisting his clients.

After finishing college, Dr. Chesnut completed his residency and fellowship in, as he says, “the mothership of cosmetics, at UCLA in Los Angeles.” While participating in this residency, he interacted with surgeons who led him to understand the various dimensions of cosmetics. A practitioner and reviver, Dr. Chesnut worked with 28 individuals and grasped the different styles, thought processes, and approaches that go into cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

Currently, Dr. Chesnut ranks as one of the top eyelid surgeons in the world due to his expertise in eyelid surgery and rejuvenation alongside his functional and regenerative medicine techniques. His signature EnigmaLift sets the standards for eyelid results. However, Dr. Chesnut’s skills do not end with surgery but also include maintenance, recovery, and consultation.

Eight years ago, Dr. Chesnut took the information and ideas he learned from UCLA back to the Pacific Northwest, which helped him to open his own customized practice, Clinic 5C. His expertise and skills as a plastic surgeon quickly blended with the regional mindset of the Pacific Northwest, making him the most nationally sought after facial plastic surgeon.

Known for his exemplary work around brows and eyes, Dr. Chesnut also is recognized for his neck and face-lifting surgery. He introduces ideas and techniques that have led him to where he is today by accompanying his patients every step of the way, from consultation to recovery. He continues to voice his thoughts on the abuse and overuse of fillers, advocates the importance of fat transfer, and instills ideas on biohacking.

As Dr. Chesnut continues to reach out to the world with his work and posts on Instagram, it will be no surprise if he becomes the top contender in cosmetic surgery soon. Paving the way with his work, the trendsetter of #WelcomeToTheNextLevel is on an upward trajectory in life and making a change like no other.