Lessons From A Young Media And Lifestyle Curator Expert J Mulan

After a decade-long experience in creative media marketing and artist management, someone is just warming up. Who’s it? It’s a 25-year-old superwoman Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman. Jaleska’s work comprises a big-chunk of her daily routine.

The founder of JMulan Agency, a media-savvy and result-oriented creative direction, marketing, performance, and casting agency is disrupting industries for the better. J Mulan’s story is bound to instill a high magnitude of enthusiasm and motivational spark in you.

Jaleska, right from childhood, had a knack for the entertainment media and fashion industry coupled with value-addition to others. It has now become her daily course of work. She is an expert media specialist and lifestyle curator. Her business deals with aligning creative talents and offering sharp technical services of video and movie casting, brand placements, artist development, and event curation (through pop-up installation).

She is from Houston, Texas. A former model and actress, Jaleska set out to establish ‘JMulan Agency’ to instill a sense of drive and desire in individuals where the fire of passion may have extinguished due to struggles and ordeals. In the words of Jaleska herself “I was able to make various connections where I have been able to share my knowledge and experience to add a shortcut to those who need it’

JMulan Agency is highly sought after in the media-fashion-showbiz realm. It gained recognition in the industry, all thanks to the savant knowledge of Ms. Jaleska and the expert team that she employs.

The agency stands out amid throat-cutting competition and the prime reason is the ideology which it prioritizes – Meeting the people’s needs where they are. “In this world, all I have is my name – JMulan – so when I paste that on a project, it becomes my project as well as my client’s”, explains Ms. Holman. Catering to young individuals and veterans alike separates her agency from the crowd.

JMulan Agency has worked with well-known celebrities including Travis Scott, Drake, PopSmoke, Justin Combs, Kream Christian Combs, Quincy Combs, Sean Combs, Maxim Magazine, BET, Megan Thee Stallion, and the list goes on.

Breaking through the cliques, building her network, and finding positivity in failures has quite been a journey full of valuable lessons. Carving a name out for one-self in an industry fiercely dominated by the opposite gender speaks volumes for what Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman has achieved. She says “as women, we’ll always need to work 3x harder to prove we were the better candidate all along”. She exhorts young ladies to go after their dreams and accentuates the endless potential that a woman can achieve through her work.

Demystifying complex projects and requirements of the clients is one of Jaleska’s favorite chores. In her free time, she makes it a habit to sharpen and improve her skills which will provide her an edge in the business. Just like when a woodcutter isn’t felling trees, he’s sharpening his axe.

In the next couple of years, the robust entrepreneur is eyeing an expansion of her agency across the world. The industry is watching this smart lady build her success chronicle with eyes wide-open.