Lenney Leong – How I Managed To Generate 7.2M+ Views For One Video That Shot In Half A Day And Over 48,000 Shares

By now, it is clear that video is one of the essential tools in marketing. Marketing using video is far-reaching out to more people. It has now become the new space where companies and individuals are trying to outdo each other to get their messages across. 

Getting people to watch your video is not an easy task. There are millions of videos on the internet and platforms such as Youtube.com. It would be best if you contend with the fact that customers have so many other options for videos to watch, and yours must, therefore, catch their eye. Once a viewer clicks on your video, you must keep them engaged for the duration of the video so that they get the desire to watch other videos that you have done and become fans of your page.

You can now agree that it is a challenging but possible task. We have a helping hand of Lenney Leong, who is an industry expert who managed to generate 7.2 Million views and 48,00 shares for one video that he had shot in half a day. It is an incredible achievement. Lenney managed to achieve this feat at only 22 years old. He is an entrepreneur who started his first business, a cooking academy at 17. He later got into the marketing world and set up his marketing agency that focuses on the creation and direct response advertisements. You can access Lenney Leong via https://www.facebook.com/lenneyleong and https://instagram.com/gclenny, and he shares his tips below:

  1. Forget about the sale and tell the story

The internet brought a revolution in many sectors, the advertising one being one of them. Before the social media age, advertisements used channels like TV or print media(newspapers). Companies would pay for their content for broadcast or printed, and customers would see the content there. However, today, companies can now reach customers directly through social media. As more people watch follow media through the internet, companies, and brands follow suit and have to do their advertisements on the online platforms. 

Successful marketing expert Lenney Leong advises that online content has to create value to a viewer for it to make sense of it. The videos that focus purely on a brand or sales driven are likely to get very few views; of those who are genuinely interested in the product or service. For a video to attract viewership, it must tell a story that a viewer can connect. It would help if you focused on telling an exciting story that viewers can relate to, and they will understand the service or product you offer and what benefit it is to them. 

  1. Interesting Opening Remarks 

The first few words of a video are significant because they create an interest in the viewer. Viewers have very short attention spans. Lenney Leong opines that you should use the first few seconds of a video very wisely to catch the interest of the viewers. Therefore, your story must come to life very quickly so that it can grasp the attention of viewers rapidly. The opening remarks must be very clear about your account and interesting enough to keep them glued for the remaining part of the story. It would be best if you kept in mind that the viewer has other videos popping up for them to view, and yours must be interesting enough to maintain their interest. 

Successful Marketing expert Lenny advises that you can make use of thumbnails that can sit alongside your video. The thumbnails will grab the interest of the viewer even before the video starts playing. 

  1. Carefully select your audience

YouTube gives video owners the ability to choose their audience based on location, gender, and age, among other demographics. To get more views, you must select the audience that you want to focus on. Lenny Leong observes that social media pages such as Facebook support this categorization. For instance, a video whose classification is on the interest can reach many people, such as those that enjoy a particular hobby. The beauty is that these tools are freely available on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and the others, says Lenny.