Learning From Your Mistakes and Growing As A Businessman: Justin Allen

Any businessman will tell you it is important to learn from your mistakes, though few will truly understand the meaning of it. As our readers know, we are in the habit of interviewing successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, and naturally, we end up asking similar questions.

We often find ourselves asking the people we interview what are some mistakes that they would correct in their career, if given the chance. And this was the first time somebody actually answered along these lines.

We were interviewing Executive Security Services and DA Method Apparel founder, Justin Allen, and this was his answer:

“I call mistakes learning experiences for example: 100k mistake, can save you Millions down the line.”


He made a very valid point here. But it still amazed us, because most businessmen, even the most successful, will find it hard to resist the urge to blame a certain mistake or unfortunate moment in their careers. Not Allen, however.

Talking to him, you immediately notice that he owns all that, all his past. Sure, he is made mistakes as a businessman, but who has not? The vibe we got from Justin Allen was that he couldn’t care less about it, in the sense that he wasn’t ashamed or in any way uncomfortable with any past decisions or actions, as they’d helped shape him into the businessman he is today.

Now, if you take a moment to think about it, you see what a strong attitude and feeling is needed to think this way. Let us take it out of a business context for a second, and just think of this mentality in your private life. Just try to imagine who you would be if you could own up to your past mistakes and appreciate them as lessons.

That, my friends, is confidence. And confidence is the key both to a successful and happy private life, and a thriving business. Of which Justin has several. Aside from the multi-million-dollar Executive Security Services, and the DA Method Apparel company, he also plans to open the Premier Lounge and Premier Cutz, an innovative barbershop and lounge combo that will allow clients to relax and grab a drink, while also serving the more practical purpose of giving people a haircut in the barbershop above. A cool concept if you ask us.

Allen backed up his theory of learning from your mistakes by saying that DA Method (which he founded in 2018) was always his business goal, except life had other plans for him, and no doubt, the mistakes he must’ve made along the way, allowed him to make a more successful DA Method Apparel when he did finally come around to it.


When talking about DA Method Apparel and what it means to him, Allen gives an answer that touches pretty much anyone (regardless of field) to the core:

“Understanding my life journey and wanting to share it with the world to encourage the next man to GET BACK UP and keep fighting.”