Learn How Seven-Figure Business Owner Ilene Arellano Became The Woman She Is Today!

Do what makes you happy! You’ve probably heard this advice dozens of times in life. Well, it’s probably because it’s one of the most important rules that guide individuals in today’s society. 

Today, we have set our gaze on an inspiring entrepreneur who believes that passion for one’s work is the key to true success. Her name is Ilene Arellano.

The First Step To Success

Ilene is the CEO and creative director for Drip Creationz, Inc. When Ilene was in high school, she made the decision to drop out in order to focus on her passion, shoe customization. 


Ilene was born and raised in Riverside California and lived in a low-income single-parent home. This took a toll on her as she had no way of moving her business forward without financial aid. Things looked bad for Ilene as she had just dropped out of high school to focus on her business. Luckily, her older brother offered to lend a hand and they quickly built an amazing team. 

Things started looking up for Ilene as she was able to form a business partnership with another individual who believed in her vision. Eventually, Ilene was able to grow her business and with the help of her brother and business partner she turned it into the success it is today. 

Ilene now plans on releasing her own official Drip Creationz shoe in the near future to be able to customize her shoes without any exceptions. 

Drawing Inspiration

As stated earlier, Ilene grew up in a single-parent home. She only had her mother and watched how much she struggled to pay the bills. 

Ilene didn’t want this life for her mother, hence she looked for ways to help take care of her. This lighted up a spark and gave her the motivation required in order to be financially stable and independent.

“My mother taught me to not ever depend on anyone and never give up on life no matter how difficult things got. She inspired me to become a risk-taker and always believe in myself.”- Ilene Arellano

Achieving Success

So far, Ilene has been able to build a seven-figure business with an amazing team. Here business is based on her love for shoe customization. 


She shares that it’s something she never thought she’d be able to achieve; turning her passion into a full-time gig. During her free time, she travels and engages in fun activities with her family. She hosts family events on a regular basis and always stays connected with people she loves and respects.