Learn How Businesses Can Benefit from Specialized Accounting and Finance Assistance from the Founders of Zeroed-In Consulting

“Time is money” is a bit of a cliche. The reality is that your time is a lot more valuable than money because it’s possible to get your money back (or some of it at least). But our time is not replenishable. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Kyle Geers and John Ikosipentarhos explain how companies can better manage their precious asset of time by seeking specialized assistance from Zeroed-In Consulting.

Zeroed-In is a consulting firm based in Southern California with a national reach. It focuses on providing businesses with bespoke assistance for their accounting and finance functions, so that management can focus on building their business. As the co-founders of a growing company, Kyle and John are well aware of the benefits when utilizing time wisely.


The idea of Zeroed-In began in 2020 while Kyle and John were working together at the global CPA firm of Grant Thornton. After noticing multiple deficiencies and outdated practices in the public accounting and professional services industry, they realized that change in the face of the accelerating pace of business and technology was nonnegotiable.

So, at the beginning of 2021, they started Zeroed-In Consulting to set out on their journey to change the formula of success for the professional services industry by focusing on employees and embracing the power of technology. Zeroed-In enables the organizations partnering with them to navigate the evolving business landscape with a future-focused approach.

When interacting with Zeroed-In, one thing that stands out is that the two co-founders tremendously complement each other’s skillsets. They’re obsessed with the idea of growing a team of curious and collaborative individuals who brainstorm to create innovative and breakthrough ideas. Zeroed-In offers an encouraging environment that makes the entire organization better with a mindset of continuous improvement.
Practicing what they preach, Kyle and John are determined to bridge the gap between businesses and modern functionalities, consequently improving operational efficiency and empowering growth. Zeroed-In brings a full-service approach to its clients to provide value on multiple fronts.

Focused relentlessly on the future, Zeroed-In’s long-term goal is to facilitate companies in business intelligence, automation, and other technologies to improve all areas of a client’s business.

The consulting firm adopts an agile and fearless approach, borrowing from the successful methodologies of many technology companies. In doing so, they deliver high-quality and cost-efficient solutions to their clients because Kyle and John are determined to empower them to be resourceful, whether the cost is money or time.


Since its inception, Kyle Geers and John Ikosipentarhos have garnered immense support from the community for their brainchild Zeroed-In Consulting, striving to improve the professional services industry and better the consulting experience for both clients and employees. They pose a simple question: “Is your business working for you or against you?” Head out to Zeroed-In’s website to find out.

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