Laura Egocheaga – Simple Marketing Tips for Startup Businesses

When it comes to serial entrepreneurs, the name Laura Egocheaga rings across many social media platforms. Laura started her business in high school and made her first $20k in less than six months. This is when she discovered that there was something big on “the internet.” At 17 years, Laura became one of the world’s best digital strategists. Today she’s the CEO of Viral Growth Media. For the last two years, Laura has spent about $2 million and got a return of $75 million in sales. Here are some marketing tips Laura gives other entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. 

Never lose focus on your business

Laura understood that she wanted to become successful, but with the world we live in today, there are unlimited amounts of distractions that can make us lose focus. Laura believes entrepreneurs should concentrate on making their business successful. Although it was tough in the beginning, Laura focused on mastering her abilities. She wouldn’t look at social media or answer her emails unless it was business-related. And because the entrepreneur wanted to succeed, she had to apply the same principles. 


The way you choose tasks also matters. When you have limited time, you should make use of every minute you have. And if you have any spare time, don’t waste it on social media or surfing the internet. Over the years, Laura has learned to streamline tasks. While you can look for the simplest route to achieve your goals, you should keep track of every step you take. With so many tasks to do, you have to remain focused on your goals. And if someone else has the skills, you should delegate the tasks to them. 

Use sales funnels effectively

Laura grew her business quickly because she used the right sales funnels effectively. In a period of 7 months, she grew her business to 6 figures. She continued to expand her expertise in the automotive industry and helped a client sell 92 vehicles in a month. Although she was blown away by this rapid growth, she attributes her success to having the right sales funnels. 

As you target your audience, you must know your competitors, determine whether their needs are being met and identify the area you can capitalize on. Laura advises other serial entrepreneurs to look at the solution they offer from multiple angles, and because every customer is at a different phase in the sales funnel, you should identify the `hot’ leads before casting the net. 

Get rid of the negatives and concentrate on the positives

Just like most renowned serial entrepreneurs, Laura grew from humble beginnings. When she was about 7 years old her parents abandoned her. She later started high school and started abusing drugs. The other students called her a loser, but Laura had to beat the odds and concentrate on the positive side of her.

For your business to thrive, you must have the right mindset. Without a positive attitude, you won’t go far. Although it was challenging at first, she had to let go of the negative experiences. If you want your business to scale up effectively, you must disconnect from people who think negatively about you. This is something you need when dealing with new customers. It doesn’t matter what you sell. 


Laura Egocheaga has been helping entrepreneurs create Facebook and Instagram ads without breaking the bank. She also loves trading cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, XLM, and XRP. Be sure to use the tips above if you want to take your business to the next level.