Largest Global Network Of COVID-19 Medical Suppliers Blue Flame Medical Shares Best Practices For Procurement Of Personal Protective Equipment

At a time of dire crisis, such as today, there are numerous opportunities for dishonest individuals to take advantage of the suffering of others. Unfortunately, very few firms and organizations are out to help those in the dark. Yet, others come to the rescue, bringing light in the dark times. One such company is Blue Flame Medical, which has put together a global network of COVID-19 medical suppliers providing healthcare logistics and difficult to find medical supplies in the United States. Apart from supplying high-quality affordable PPEs, Blue Flame Medical is dedicated to helping empower people to make the best purchasing decisions. They offer all the information needed regarding manufacturers, suppliers, brokers, sales representatives, and middlemen. You simply can’t go wrong with Blue Flame Medical.

Understanding the Market

Ever since the Coronavirus crisis began, the demand for PPEs has hit a historic peak. And, given the circumstances, the situation is likely to only get worse before it gets better. In response to this current reality, many procurement teams across the globe are working round the clock to support the struggling health care systems. Their primary goal is to protect healthcare workers, first responders, and anyone else fighting on the frontline, risking their own health for the health of others. However, not everyone is joining in it to help with the situation. The rise in demand for this essential equipment has presented an irresistible platform for scam artists, bad actors, and price gouging to take center stage through opportunistic measures.


In an effort to fend off some noticeably bad players, the United States government has tried to blacklist several companies involved in the manufacturing of PPEs. Unfortunately, not all companies have been stopped. Already, some of them have even secured major deals to supply to states. The crux of the matter comes down to the fact that the desperate health care workers and citizens at risk of infection cannot afford using faulty equipment. The Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services partnered to distribute medical supplies confiscated from price gougers in an effort to paralyze their operations. These departments have made it quite evident that there is simply no room for hoarders to illicitly profit from a global crisis.

Asking the Right Questions

In this day and age, we live in a world of smart and intelligent consumers. However, desperate times present with difficult situations and a smart consumer can easily be fooled by foul players in the midst of “survival mode”. To help out with that, Blue Flame Medical is upfront, giving you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision when dealing with the procurement of PPEs. Over time, their team has come up with a set of specific questions every procurer should ask when the procurement process begins and questions you should reintroduce throughout any transaction relationship related to PPE procurement.

Some of these questions include the time it will take to get the product from China and questions that will help you get your broker or supplier, the pricing, and shipping. For instance, Blue Flame Medical advises against brokers that claim they can deliver products overnight since it would be unrealistic to do so from an overseas supplier. Also, if the supplier claims to do a daily capacity of over 1,000,000 units of the product, they are most likely a fraud. Blue Flame Medical has gone out of its way to ensure that consumers don’t get duped during these desperate times. At its core, and demonstrated through its continued practices, Blue Flame Medical has the consumer’s best interest in mind.

Preparing For The Future

Blue Flame Medical is doing more than just taking care of what’s affecting us now. They have a plan for the future, and so should you, your company, and the state government. When or if COVID-19 settles, we ought to prepare for whatever outcome is in store for us. The CDC projects that the effects of Coronavirus will still be present in the summer of 2021 and infections will continue to re-emerge. But that should not prevent us from addressing immediate needs that must be fulfilled, even with the virus at this full-blown stage.

“This is not merely a public health crisis – it is a crisis of resources. If every American had access to high-quality masks, testing kits, and dozens of other medical supplies they need, we would have flattened the curve of infection already.


This is where Blue Flame Medical comes in. Because of our partner relationships, we have the ability to quickly supply the high- quality, lifesaving PPE to Americans across the nation.

We vow to work tirelessly to ensure first responders, healthcare professionals, and clients receive the critical supplies they deserve.” – Blue Flame Medical.

Blue Flame Medical is providing a solution to fulfill your immediate procurement needs to sustain the state and companies’ PPE stockpiles. They recommend clever ways for stakeholders involved to lower product costs and maximize their returns before the world finds a solution to put an end to the Pandemic. Most importantly, Blue Flame Medical can be trusted to not only provide full disclosure and support, but it also restores hope with its whole-hearted care for the consumer, and the health and safety of all.