Khalil Halilu’s Achievements in the Sustainable Development of Technology in Africa

At the top of his polo game, Khalil Halilu, the famous Nigerian techpreneur is also well-known for the various accomplishments under his name. His innovative work has made him an admirable figure who has taken part in promoting change all over Africa. Khalil does not simply aim to improve the conditions of his hometown Kano, nor his country, Nigeria, but wants to take active actions for the benefit of the continent.

A born visionary, Khalil has taken mental notes on how to provide “affordable yet sustainable technological solutions to businesses operating in various sectors.” In doing so, he introduced innumerable non-profit organizations. KSH is currently developing companies that cater to Africa’s technological needs and acting as a board member for many initiation plans.


New innovative ideas to build Africa

The Civic, Citizen Welfare, and Community Development (CWCD Africa) is currently Khalil’s reigning non-profit organization. Khalil’s contribution to technology and involvement in programs such as CWCD Africa has led to an overall increase in Africa’s peace and stability. Under CWCD Africa, he has localized ventures to the African market with Zabe Election Monitoring System and Unsub. The former of the two, Zabe, is a digitized system envisioned by Khalil to introduce crowdsourcing frameworks to demonstrate “transparency in governance and elections.”

Under the CWCD Africa paradigm, Unsub offers a safe online platform that connects sexual and gender-based violence victims  “with civil society organizations and initiatives within their location that can provide the support needed. UNSUB seeks to optimize gender-based violence response and intervention, as well as data management.” The motto of his organization is to create ease in the life of people, all while helping them lead successful lives. He has initiated various online programs and apps that fulfill these promises.

Creating opportunities for African youth

Youth empowerment, for KSH, is at the heart of his nation’s growth. Thus, he invests most of his time in tailoring the youth of Africa, honing their raw talent, and providing them with a platform through CANs Park. As the founder and board chairman of the trailblazing organization, The CANs, Khalil has introduced the first-ever eco-friendly technological hub to West Africa.

The CANs is Khalil’s step to provide assistance to the future of Nigeria, particularly, and Africa, generally. It is a safe space where young people take part in innovative thinking, establish a new forum, and lead their homeland toward success.

Introducing new technology to impact lives

Other technological accomplishments under the man’s name are the Africa Infotech Consultancy, MACE Nigeria LTD, and ShapShap. The chairman and founder of MACE Nigeria LTD and ShapShap, Khalil has launched Africa’s first-ever digital content marketplace and the first technological application that connects commodity traders.

As the board member of the African Infotech Consultancy, KSH is providing assistance through the internet to help businesses across all scales, small, medium, and large. His efforts have been globally appreciated in bringing innovation and reforms to the African tech space and just recently ShapShap was recognized as a leading innovative startup at 2022 GITEX. It won the trophy in the Mobility and Logistics Innovation Category alongside prize money of $8000.


Khalil is taking big steps toward implementing technology and digital platforms and is giving them a place to stay in Africa. After many trials and turns, he has kickstarted a program and reformative action from which the continent’s youth can bear fruitful results.