Keeping the Syrian Dedication, Delicacies, and Mastery Alive – Meet Lena Artunian

The cultural legacy of Middle Eastern food is legendary. The mix of herbs and spices, along with special techniques, requires particular mastery, unique and peculiar to a few. The raw passion combined with the flame of fervor creates unforgettable delicacies which demand unmatched dedication and commitment. However, Lena Artunian, a Armenian Syrian Lebanese-American influencer, content creator, and chef, has mastered the said art.

As a part of a family of immigrants, Lena held her own Syrian culture dearly. Her grandfather, George Ghandian, was a chef himself and created exquisite recipes he adopted from his uncles and passed down to his upcoming generations. His unique technique, in Lena’s words, made the food more appetizing: “Grandpa George would select the freshest produce and top-notch meat in order to prepare the food.”


At the young age of just 7, she found her calling and was instantly drawn to join her father and grandfather in the restaurant. There she learned the unique ways of preparing fantastic food that would ultimately and instantly capture the public’s hearts: “It is during the preparation process that our food receives its rich flavor and aroma that leaves a deep impression on our customers.”

However, after the unfortunate death of her father, things changed. The legacy of owning well-established and highly-popular restaurants in Syria and Lebanon then in America had to come to a halt. Lena had two daughters to take care of, and even after being one of the few people from the family to have officially been able to receive a college degree, she could not bring herself to part ways with the familial tradition.

Out of this crunch was born what now defines and represents Lena, HyeFeastLA; her own blog and digital space. It perfectly encapsulates her sentiments and excitement for the taste that she brings to the world. The diligence and determination that she, as a master of Middle Eastern cultural cuisine, has helped her gain a large following and widespread popularity.


Lena Artunian had a significant weight of tradition, legacy, and culture on her shoulders. Instead of succumbing to it and giving up, she chose to stand firm and continue to carry the exotic inheritance forward.