Katie Godfrey, An Entrepreneur With Multiple Businesses that Specialise in the Hair and Beauty Industry

Over the years, the KG brand has excelled in multiple areas in the hair and beauty industry including KG Salon – an award winning beauty salon, providing luxury treatments, KG Professional – an international beauty training academy aiming to increase the standards of beauty salons while providing a quality product range, and KG Business Mentor – a business to mentor those struggling in the hair and beauty industry. Despite the expansion, there is one talented entrepreneur behind it all. 

Meet Katie Godfrey, a single parent who wished to open a small salon 12 years back while she had no money or qualification. She strived to get aid through bank loans, due to which she was near bankruptcy. But her constant efforts to provide qualified luxury treatments pushed her through all the hard times. Despite leaving school at 13, Katie studied by herself. And to date, she spends most of her time researching and learning different aspects of growing her business and improving her marketing tactics. 

3 years back, Katie got the opportunity to be a part of Amazon’s number 1 bestselling book “Extraordinary Women” along with other inspirational women including Noel Janis-Norton, Nicola Whiting, Hither Mann, Sarah McAllister, and 6 others. The young entrepreneur has also been featured over 50 times in many press articles and also hosts her own podcast, “The Life Of KG” where she shares her personal experiences so that others too can learn and build their own businesses in the beauty and hair industry. 

While being the co-owner of the “World Lash University” conference and awards, Katie has also won several awards since she started her career. Recently in 2020, she got the award for 3rd “Inspirational Women of the Year” and became the winner of “Health & Beauty Franchise of the Year” at Livewire Excellence Awards. 

The secret behind Katie’s success simply comes from her own efforts and perspective towards her work. She aims for perfection, and as a result, she does not launch anything unless she 100% believes in that product or service. Thus, her followers adore her for what she does and hope that Katie will keep growing her businesses to scale.