Karen Thomson Is Making Sobriety Fun and Sexy

The emotions associated with feeling insecure and unworthy can plunge one into the deepest lair of despair, where every way out seems to have been nailed shut. In this situation, a detrimental substance – such as alcohol or drugs – presents itself as a good companion. It tells you it will make all those negative feelings disappear, but in reality, that substance will slowly wreak havoc inside of you. The ever-inspiring and enthusiastic Karen Thomson once found similar solace in alcohol before she eventually realized a better, fun, and sober life awaited her at the other end of the tunnel.

Karen Thomson is the genius behind Sugar-Free Revolution and Super Sexy Sobriety, improving lives one at a time. She is a committed individual who wants to help people heal their relationship with addiction. She started the Sugar-Free Revolution movement a few years back, which allowed numerous people to curb their addiction to sugar. Recently the sugar movement has taken a backseat as she aims to tackle sobriety via her new venture, Super Sexy Sobriety.

What inspired Karen to embark on this journey is her own relationship with alcohol. She was a 24-year-old alcoholic who was incredibly close to taking her own life. The turning point for her was seeing her lifeless image staring back at her in the mirror; this haunting image pushed her to choose to fight and find grace in everything that exists. Today, Karen is 18 years sober and finding hope, acceptance, beauty, and sexiness in every crevice.

The idea that her existence would be dull and tedious without alcohol is what kept Karen from giving it up in its entirety. She thought losing her drink would be equivalent to losing her fun and glamorous self. However, once she started her recovery, she began to feel better without alcohol and discovered that she could be wild and free without relying on any other external sources. It was not the alcohol that brought out charisma, fun, and beauty in her – it was all within her all along.

Now, Karen wants to help others experience the wonders of sobriety. Super Sexy Sobriety aims to destigmatize the false narrative that sobriety sucks your soul out. My Super Sexy Sobriety Podcas

t is launching soon to share encouraging sober stories, which are an evidence to the joy that recovery brings. Moreover, a coaching platform is also in the works that will assist individuals in bidding farewell to their addiction.

If you choose sobriety, you will notice that as time passes, it has instilled freedom and happiness into you, making it one of the best decisions of your life!