Jonathan Hawkins on Disrupting the Market with Digital Marketing 

Jonathan Hawkins is a serial entrepreneur and marketing guru. He is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of LightSpeed VT and the Intelligent Marketing Method creator. Jonathan has disrupted the digital marketing space. He leverages military strategies that he learned to communicate and connect with his audience. We talked with Jonathan to learn more about using digital marketing to disrupt the already saturated market. 

But first, let’s learn more about this entrepreneur. 

About Jonathan Hawkins 

Jonathan is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in international relations. He once served as a military intelligence officer and is a proud recipient of the Presidential Call to Service Award for his multifarious hours of philanthropy. It was while Jonathan was studying at UCLA, got an internship position in a reputable company. As an intern, he helped the company leverage social media strategies. It was at this time that he realized that he could venture into entrepreneurship. 

Jonathan is a guru disrupting markets with digital marketing. What he does is basic. However, what makes his marketing strategy powerful is that Jonathan does it uniquely. Since he was a military officer, he leverages the techniques and tactics he learned to connect with the audience. Asa military officer, he was trained in interrogation and was scheduled to work at Guantanamo Bay. However, rather than rewiring the brain of an enemy to the state, Jonathan helps his clients rewire their target customers. 

Jonathan’s Digital Marketing Tips 

Today’s market is saturated with competitors. As such, most business leaders and marketers feel the need to approach their customers and close sales quickly. However, this sense of urgency towards making sales is what kills a business. “There are probably five to ten brands in the mind of the client. All of those brands are offering the same product or service as you. But, once you make a sale, the next thing you should ask yourself is then what?” says Jonathan. Statistics show that 64% of customers want brands that establish a connection with them. Moreover, 84% of customers will purchase from a brand that they follow on social media over the competitor. Why? Because brands that are already leveraging social media seek to establish an emotional connection. 

Our emotions are a crucial driver of our behavior, both online and offline. When a brand establishes an emotional connection with their potential client, they are likely to boost their referrals. “You can get seven referrals from one customer. However, when you focus on closing a sale, you will not be able to build a relationship with that one customer,” says Jonathan. According to this marketing guru, the biggest mistake that businesses make is ignoring the relationship that they stand to develop with their existing customers. 

Jonathan teaches his clients about the mental process that goes into marketing. He says that a fact triggers two portions of the brain, whereas a story triggers five portions of the brain. He argues that businesses should focus more on telling stories instead of facts. For instance, a brand can say to a client that they have sold their product to 100 happy customers. This fact triggers the front of the brain.

Conversely, the agent can create a story that shows how they fulfilled a need for their client. This story is more effective than the fact as it allows potential clients to identify with the business. “Today’s customers respond to stories. Don’t upload a pic of your product or service. Rather, upload an image of yourself spending time with your family, or taking your favorite drink. Such content helps your target audience identify with you, thereby establishing an emotional connection,” says Jonathan. 

Customers do not trust brands. Most customers will seek recommendations from friends or family members before they consider making a purchase. 83% of customers believe the advice they get from friends and family. 

So, what is the best customer acquisition strategy? The answer is focusing on storytelling via social media.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Jonathan’s strategies bring a fresh approach to digital marketing. This entrepreneur loves helping people. Through his businesses, he works with firms to distinguish themselves from their competitors and establish themselves as industry experts.