Janice Lee Is Leading the Fashion Industry With Over 10+ Years of Professional Experience

Wardrobes and clothing can play a significant role in shaping our mood and confidence. Ultimately, the clothes you should buy and wear are the ones that make you feel beautiful. If that means saying goodbye to some of yesterday’s fashion rules, go for it. To help you branch away from outdated fashion rules, creative director and fashion designer Janice Lee is eliminating boring fashion laws that one can ditch on the road to a perfect sense of style.

Today’s brides are going for less traditional, more vibrant outfits and styles to showcase their personalities to feel comfortable and beautiful on their big day. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one shade of puffy princess gown anymore. Many fashion rules were designed for a different era, and today, contemporary fashionistas want something completely different.

Through her passion project ‘Beyond the Ceremony,’ Janice is catering to the new standards of bridal fashion. Her business is dedicated to solving the problem of outdated bridal couture. The motivation behind her project was to start a customizable bridal line to bring beautifully sustainable and modern options to the wedding-wear sphere.

As the creative director and founder of Beyond The Ceremony, she feels that it has become her mission to help women take on a different view.  Having worked in the bridal industry for over a decade, she has been unconvinced about why brides only wear these impractical-looking dresses that haven’t been updated in 200 years—emphasizing how everyone does not fit in that “traditional” box.

Having experience from esteemed fashion houses such as Oscar de la Renta and Monique Lhuillier, Janice uses her design knowledge to create elegant and versatile looks for women. She is passionate to celebrate women, to champion them, to help them feel sentimental and unique, and to do so while looking stylish, modern, and extraordinary.

Why are brides chained to the notion that this has been the only way to do it?  So, Janice’s  Beyond The Ceremony creates re-wearable bridal outfits that can fit back into your life instead of becoming a long-lost & deteriorating heirloom.  After your big day, you send it back to Beyond The Ceremony headquarters to dye & re-work it into a more versatile garment for you to rewear.

As a well-established fashion designer, Janice Lee has built her brand for the women of today who aren’t floating around in an unrealistic fantasy that someone else will come to save them but for women who want to celebrate a more relatable vision of matrimony.  Her goal is to empower women to celebrate their marriage in their way and on their terms while embracing sustainability and beautifully original designs for one of the most memorable days of their lives. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.