It’s a call for change – Reasons Why Everyone Should Join Thought Leader Benjamin Brumm on His Mission

Illness care or wellness care? What best describes current medical practices? How do we move towards a mutual understanding and collaboration between allopathic and homeopathic medicines? These are the questions that Benjamin Brumm is trying to answer.

This thought leader from Wolfville does not only want to bring change; he wants to take action. Benjamin started his journey in January 2021 and hasn’t looked back. After spending five months at the frontlines of the pandemic, Benjamin has committed himself to understanding the market and to connect with other innovators to build a conference agenda.

He is currently in talks with Discover Halifax to host what will be known as the “International Medical Conference” in late 2023 in Halifax, NS. His agenda for this conference is to use his experience and knowledge to help others learn to incorporate alternative and traditional medicine to increase healthcare efficiency and ultimately improve the lives of many.


With Benjamin at the helm of this endeavor, he wants everyone in the medical field, from doctors to nurses and even students, to join him on this journey. Over the next two years, he is going to be reaching out to medical associations and hospitals, as well as several potential sponsors, in order to make this event a reality.

The International Medical Conference, dubbed “Next Step Medicine,” will bring together professionals from all around the world interested in discussing illness care or wellness care and the importance of alternative medicines. Still wondering why his mission is worth your time and attention? Here are some reasons to answer your ‘Why’:

Take Part in Making Changes To The World:

It is an excellent opportunity to join Benjamin Brumm in his mission and improve the world. This event will allow professionals from all around the world to come together and talk about alternative medicines, as well as learn about new approaches to healthcare.

Learn New Things:

The International Medical Conference will not only be beneficial to those in the medical field, but it will also be a great learning opportunity. This event is a platform to gain new knowledge and insights on improving healthcare efficiency and learning more about alternative medicines’ excellent benefits.

Connect with Other Professionals:

The International Medical Conference is an ideal opportunity to network with professionals from all around the world. This event will help you make contacts and forge relationships with medical professionals with similar interests.


Introduce New Ways to Improve Patients’ Well-Being:

By attending this event, you will learn about new ways to treat patients and how to integrate both traditional and alternative medicines to maximize patients’ well-being.

If you are looking for a way to impact the world, join Benjamin in his mission of introducing change into the medical industry. It is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, and make a difference. What are you waiting for? Join thought leader Benjamin Brumm in his mission today!

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