Inspiring Businesswoman Kristen Terry Proves to Be a Perfect Blend of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial and artistic creativity are closely related. Favorite literature, TV shows, nature, discussions, and existing products and services are all sources of inspiration for entrepreneurs. They often make astute use of brainstorming and mind mapping to develop ideas.

Entrepreneurs can also live their creative side while being on their business journey.

Similar is the case of Kristen Terry – a small town, driven, multi-faceted entertainer, creative director, executive producer, and businesswoman.

Being an entrepreneur never became a hiccup for Kristen while exploring her creative side. Alongside touring her live production overseas in 42 cities, Kristen learned Mandarin and Spanish and recorded two songs with Multiple Grammy Award-winning Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes. A feat not many can think of achieving!

And the list doesn’t end here. Heading two successful businesses in sports therapy for injured dancers, pro athletes, and celebrities, as well as personal injury for injured victims, never made Kristen forget her love for creativity and accomplishments. She starred in several Indie films and secured an overseas music tour as the executive producer, creative director, and headlining talent.

While many might find it quite an achievement, Kristen finds teaching and choreographing for Inner City kids dance and creating Girls Night Fitness dance far more worth mentioning steps that she has accomplished.

Kristen believes her elder brother has a massive role in making her what she is today. She became a strong tomboy roughneck athlete since her elder brother treated her like he would have treated his younger brother. This was why even though she had won the Miss American Princess pageant at age seven, her heart was always set on the performing arts! Kristen enjoyed playing the violin. When she was seven years old, she created her first stage performance, dancing and producing music. And she was such a pro that she received a scholarship to dance with the state dance school.

Unfortunately, Kristen had to give up on her athletic endeavors, starting with performing arts. But as they say, an end means a new beginning. She garnered a deep appreciation of all music and built an exceptional ear.

As a dancer who could sing and act, Kristen loved the stage! And the creative process. Her dedication to her creativity got her first production deal with a record label to sing and dance while still on an academic scholarship. Eventually, Kristen started her own business in the arts and entertainment in Los Angeles, then overseas in Asia, and has never looked back.

No wonder creative entrepreneurs like Kristen are living proof that one can carve a unique path and set an example for others to follow with determination and hard work.