Inspirational Entrepreneur Jamell A. Edwards Overcomes Adversity to Build Successful Real Estate Company

Meet Jamell A. Edwards,  the founder of JE Properties Group, LLC, based in New Haven, Connecticut, who faced unimaginable hardships right from the beginning of his life but achieved at a young age what many are unable to in a lifetime. His story is one of perseverance and determination in the face of hardships.

He was born in the arms of adversity; at one year of age, he was diagnosed with spinal meningitis, which resulted in the loss of both legs. Despite this setback, Jamell didn’t let it stop him from pursuing his passion for real estate. Jamell grew up in his family’s real estate business and learned how to build wealth and create a successful real estate company from an early age.


In 2013, Jamell attended his first meeting at Connecticut Real Estate Investor Association and was introduced to the world of wholesaling. After completing a few transactions, Jamell knew that he had found his calling and went on to build JE Properties Group, LLC. Today, the company specializes in wholesale, buying & holding, and brokering capital investment for both real estate and businesses.

It is safe to say that Jamell has successfully established himself in the real estate sector through his passion for his work. He was named the 2017 Wholesaler of the Year by the Connecticut Real Estate Association and held a Lee Arnold Private Money Broker certification in 2019. He is also a South Carolina State University graduate with a Physical Education Activity Management degree. 

With the aim of inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, Jamell firmly believes that adversity is merely a stepping stone to success. He strives to spread this message and educate others on creating long-lasting financial wealth.  Continuously exploring new projects to expand his real estate endeavors, Jamell’s ambitious vision is to build a real estate company worth $100 million.


As someone with ironclad resilience, Jamell never let his failures and shortcomings come in the way of his dreams and is now living proof that success is achievable no matter what obstacles you face. Jamell ‘s story is one of inspiration and motivation for all entrepreneurs and business owners. He is proof that you can overcome hardships and achieve success if you have the drive and determination to make it happen.