‘Influential Minorities in Business’ Award Winner Karun Asireddy’s Success Story

Business ownership is no longer being ruled by racial and gender disparities but is done on the basis of talent and capabilities. A burgeoning list of businessmen hailing from minority communities has been gaining prominence, particularly in the IT sector, and Dr. Karun Asireddy is a prominent name. The President and CEO of Infosmart Technologies, Inc. are helping the next generation with brilliant technological solutions.

Needless to say, Dr. Karun has been proving his mettle in project management, management consulting, and solutions architecture for a while now. As far as his education is concerned, Karun holds a Master of Science in Engineering from South Dakota State University and a Doctorate of Business Administration. 


Kickstarting his career, Asireddy initially worked as a consultant for many multinational companies such as Phillips 66, Texas Instruments, PAYSYS, Georgia State, City of Atlanta, Pfizer, Aritzia, Spectra Energy, and CDC, among others. Later, he transitioned into a businessman and co-founded Infosmart Technologies, Inc. in 1998.

Today, Dr. Asireddy has over 22 years of experience in operations, business development, project management, and technology management. Since he co-founded InfoSmart, he has watched the company grow into a thriving, top-notch IT Company which is well-recognized as a leader in the IT field. 

As an accredited IT/Software company, Asireddy’s firm specializes in ERP, Web, Cloud, Big data, and IoT applications using SAP HANA, ORACLE, Microsoft, and TIBCO technologies. Apart from its extensive specialization, the firm provides the best IT services like cloud services, data and analytics, IoT implementation, application development, and much more.

His leadership and management capabilities have won him applause in his vicinity as InfoSmart has grown to a mid-sized company serving the commercial and government market space alike. Each success in professional endeavours is nothing short of a jewel being added to Karun Asireddy’s crown. He has also been awarded the prestigious “Influential Minorities in Business

” award from Minority Business Enterprise Network. 

The road to success is never easy but Dr. Karun is a highly motivated, results-oriented, strategic, and hands-on technology leader who believes in working hard and smart. Dr. Karun Asireddy’s true secret to success is extending the best technical services by using the most cutting-edge technologies. He follows a structured process of development and offers timely project delivery. 

His plans for the future are well established: grow his company exponentially and harbor a loyal clientele. Does his unwavering determination aid him in improving his business and working towards its betterment? Absolutely and he wishes to keep up with consistent hard work. Learn more about Dr. Karun Asireddy’s InfoSmart Technologies through the company’s LinkedIn page.