“If I Say That I Am Going to Do Something, It’s Getting Done!” – CEO, Podcast Host & Social Influencer – Jeremy Jenson

Tony Montana in Scarface taught us the important lesson of not breaking our word for anything. Because when you stay true to your commitments, you remain in control and become unstoppable. It starts with staying true to yourself and honoring your obligations for self-improvement. Ultimately, it results in people respecting you for being somebody they can rely on based on your mere words. The Houston-based content creator, dating podcast

host, and renowned business influencer Jeremy Jenson is a perfect example.

At only 37 years old, Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of Encore Search Partners, the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas. He is an active member of the Houston Community, and his podcast “What Men Want,” brings unfiltered insights from Houston’s most eligible bachelors. The life Jeremy is living is a consequence of his perseverance and unshakable willpower to deliver on what he promises.

While Jeremy’s success story is inspirational to many, it comes as no surprise that his humble beginnings make it unbelievable to those who don’t know him. Jeremy had to confront adverse challenges since his early childhood. Against all odds, his sheer will and determination catapulted him towards unprecedented success as he carved a path of his own without ever flinching to eventually achieve the unlikely, simply by acting upon his intelligent decisions.

Jeremy was raised in Alief, Texas. Despite coming from an underprivileged, low-income community, his undeniable potential made him stand out from an early age. As the oldest son to a single mom raising two young men on her own, Jeremy had to embrace the harsh realities of life from an undeservingly young age, witnessing his financially unstable family constantly on the move because of eviction notices.

What Jeremy has achieved today is remarkable, especially when considering the number of barriers he had to smash along the way, regardless of how undermining and discouraging the circumstances. Jeremy outlines his philosophy for determination in one simple sentence: “If I say that I am going to do Something, it’s getting done!”

The ability to honor a commitment regardless of challenges has led Jeremy to incredible success, mainly because he understands the importance of making intelligent, reasonable, and feasible commitments. To oneself and the world, which has become his for the taking as he maintains such discipline and clarity.