“I Am Resilience” – Ricky Kidd’s Journey of Finding Salvation against Injustice

Justice is a word that can tilt the scale in favor of the innocent but can also leave them out when they need it the most. The justice system reeks of the injustices that the world has to offer. Sometimes, all people look for is a reason to put someone behind bars, even if it is the wrong guy. Ricky Kidd was one such individual who had faced the wrath of the unjust system. But he fought against it and he won. And in doing so, shattered the smug look on injustice’s face.

August 15 of 2019 was not an overbearingly long day, but when Judge Adkins uttered the words “established innocence from multiple angles” in court, Ricky Kidd found his ground. The 23-year-long-held exasperated breath had finally been released. The injustices weighing on him ultimately vaporized into thin air. Ricky realized he was finally free.

Two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action — Ricky was wrongfully imprisoned for life with no parole. The moment he reluctantly stepped into that jail cell, Ricky started to work for his freedom. It was through his letters that Ricky gained attention. He sent letters to churches, judicial courts, and everyone on the list. Ricky’s unwavering hope motivated him to believe that someone would listen. And finally, they did.

In 2005, The Midwest Innocent Project reached out to Ricky and in 2007, agreed to take his case. In 2009, the first hearing was held where one of the culprits testified in Ricky’s favor. 11 losses in total led to one ultimate and final will, all because Ricky refused to make that prison cell his home. “When you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but up,” led Ricky to understand that every step he takes from now would bring him closer to his goal.

After repetitive challenges, Ricky was able to fight and win the battle against the many unfortunate injustices he had to face. Resilience is what got him through. The state of Missouri and the city of Kansas failed to protect him, and in answer, Ricky responded with a smile on his face. He found his salvation in the deep ends of the dead sea. The act of giving up never occurred to him and he planned to instill that same passion within wrongfully convicted inmates.

Finally, in 2019, the verdict that would grant Ricky his freedom was announced. After 6 weeks of being exonerated, Ricky started “I Am Resilience”, a program that gave him a chance to help other wrongfully convicted inmates. He is a voice that reached out to all struggling individuals, a voice that redefined justice. With passion running through his veins, Ricky has become an awe-inspiring figure, a true epitome of resilience.