“I Always Tell My Workers You Are My Friends,” Says Entrepreneur and Trendsetter Rahul Maharaj

The corporate world, many argue, is established on some unfair grounds. Companies make extravagant claims about their office culture and thorough implementation of their vision, motto, and mission. But oft-times, their claims contradict the reality as in practice, no one cares at all. Employees, who put their blood, sweat and tears into their work, are left on their own and go for years without being awarded deserving bonuses or increments. But Rahul Maharaj is here to change this archaic trend. 

“My workers are my friends – I consider them nothing less of that,” Rahul believes. “They’re my friends because we spend our days together, they bring me the best ideas to grow my business and then they implement plans and strategies. We work, we argue, just like friends do, we chat, we talk; we do everything friends do while staying within the boundaries our professions set for ourselves,” he further said. 


Rahul doesn’t believe the label of a ‘boss’ as according to him, it sounds contradictory to someone running a mental health campaign. Rather, he prefers being referred to as ‘Chief Executive Officer’ who has friends working for him; friends who he pays for the job they do, for the quality of the work they present, and encourages them if they lag behind.

Part of the reason why Rahul Maharaj is set to eradicate the toxicity between upper and lower tiers of the corporate world is that he himself has been a part of it. He has had a few jobs before starting his entrepreneurship career so he knows which areas need to be ‘tinkered’ and made employee-friendly. 

And that is not to say giving a free hand to employees and letting them do whatever they want. But the motive is to provide them a space to grow, and opportunities to make them realize that they are part of something bigger and better; where they are cared for, listened to, and looked after.

“I believe this in turn increases the productivity level of the employees at work. They feel satisfied, purposeful, and proud of themselves to find a company like ours. It’s a win-win situation, to be honest!” shares Rahul.

Rahul has significant experience in mental well-being and services for mental health on the international landscape. He hosts a show named Your Life Experiences With Rah where he is joined by the people who have defeated some sort of trauma or depression in their life and are now living a better life. 


Other than that, Rahul also offers individual or group therapy sessions to heal trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. He is quite well-versed in counseling and coaching about mental wellness, and understands the complications of a workplace. 

That’s why he has formulated policies that are enabling and conducive to a healthy working environment. By treating his employees as friends, he has created a nobel example for many others to follow. 

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