How Tony Gnap Became the #1 Leading IFBB Fitness Pro in Australia

Do you desire to live a healthy balanced life but struggle to do so? Have you reached a point where you feel that you have no control over what you eat, and are slowly slipping towards being overweight? Or maybe you are thin, and you have adopted unhealthy food habits to keep off the weight? Well, Tony Gnap is the health and fitness trainer that you need.

Tony Gnap is a certified Personal Trainer. She was born and raised in a small town known as Tottenham in Canada. Growing up, Tony always knew what she wanted to do in life. Her athletic and driven parents raised her to be a goal-oriented person who puts all her plans to action. 

Tony wanted to impact the lives of others from a young age positively. She wanted to help others reach their goals and realize their own potential. Once she completed her Bachelor of Science majors in Human Kinetics, she ventured into the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer. She established her enterprise known as

Training By Tony, where she specializes in training a wide range of athletes and people. 

Tony has trained a variety of individuals and athletes. She has worked with athletes, bodybuilders, professionals, men and women, teens and kids, pregnant women, amateurs, clients with disabilities, clients with acute and chronic injuries, and many more. She has worked with 1000+ clients worldwide. 

Overcoming Obstacles To Become The Best 

Tony is a positive motivator, hard-working athlete, and coach. She has participated in the Arnold Classic Australia in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Also, she competed at the Pro Qualified in the Gold Coast and was placed 1st in Fitness. Tony has been competing throughout her life. When she was young, she competed at Level 8 gymnastics. While in University, Tony won national titles three times in a row. In 2017, Tony made her pro debut back in Canada at the Toronto Pro Show, where she took the 11th position. A few weeks later, she competed at the Tampa Pro show and took 8th position. 

2018 was a difficult year for Tony. Her husband was diagnosed with Testicular cancer, and they spent that next year battling it together. After intensive chemotherapy treatment and many surgeries, they are in remission (Hurray! cancer survivors!). She states that her husband is her rock and soulmate. She wouldn’t be where she is today without him by her side as her husband, coach, therapist, biggest fan, biggest support, and best friend. In the same year, Tony qualified as a top athlete to represent Australia at the Arnold Classic Pro Show. She came out 7th out of an amazing lineup of the best Fitness athletes from all over the world.

Starting a New Life in Australia

Tony and her husband have traveled all around the world. After leaving Canada, they moved to Australia for a year and a half, then they moved to England, where they stayed for less than a year. Presently, the couple lives back in Brisbane, Australia. She always dreamt of living by the beach. When Tony and her husband, Steve, came to Australia, they loved it so much that they decided to create a new life for themselves. Tony states that it wasn’t easy starting all over again, but it was worth it. 

Tony was to participate in the Arnold Classic Australia again as a top Fitness Pro in Australia this year. However, the event was canceled 1 week before the set date. Tony states that it was upsetting to hear that the show was canceled after spending five months in hardcore training and dieting. But Tony is not one who gets easily discouraged. She plans to still participate in the event and promises to come back even better and stronger than before. Tony is also focusing on growing her business and building a bigger online coaching presence while at the same time working towards her Australian citizenship! 


Tony has big dreams of becoming a Top International IFBB Fitness pro and Miss Fitness International. Her ultimate goal – to compete on the Olympia stage. She is also determined to help more and more people adopt a life of successful health and wellness. Since she has experience dealing with hardship and mental health, she plans to help people overcome fear and anxiety, thereby becoming the best version of themselves. 

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