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How To Use A Nespresso Machine? How Does It Differ From An Espresso Machine?

Are you a coffee lover and looking for convenient coffee-making machines? You can learn all about a coffee machine’s mechanism in this article, including how to use a Nespresso machine.

For a coffee lover, the idea of getting freshly brewed coffee within a minute is the most convenient thing. Not everybody has time to make cafe-like coffee at home. The Nespresso machine facilitates you to have your mug of coffee the ease of your home or office. For you to make complete use of your coffee machine without any difficulty, you have to first understand how this Nespresso machine works.

Nespresso machines make your life easier with their efficient functionality. You get your desired coffee with the perfect aroma and crema without having to run to the cafe for it. Nespresso is a small appliance specially designed for household use so that your coffee experience does not get compromised.

The Nespresso machine is inspired by an espresso machine but due to its simpler mechanism and efficient result, the result is slightly different from an original espresso coffee. This has been a successful substitute for espresso though the coffee is not that intense the consumers find it suitable as through Nespresso machines they can easily personalize their coffee just the way they like it.

There are various queries and misunderstandings that an individual might have regarding a Nespresso machine. A Nespresso machine, its working, and its types are all factors that one should completely understand to pick the right kind of machine for himself. Not all the machines work in the same manner and despite it being easy to use it has some variations concerning types and the way one should use them.

If you are new to this world of quick coffee-making processes or not familiar with coffee machines then this article will help you understand everything about a coffee-making Nespresso machine. This article covers all the aspects of an Espresso machine and guides you on how to use an espresso machine

What is a nespresso machine?

A Nespresso machine is a convenient coffee-making machine that gives you the taste of freshly brewed coffee. The coffee inserted in this machine is in the form of pods which is then brewed with hot water and gives out quality coffee shots. An average pod of coffee usually contains 7 grams of finely ground coffee. This coffee is of different flavors and intensities depending on the type of brand you choose your pods from.

A Nespresso machine takes a finely ground coffee and then with great pressure and brewing temperature gives out adequately balanced coffee shots that resemble espresso to some extent but are not actually espresso. When it comes to coffee brewing, all Nespresso machines have a similar basic working process with some of them having additional features or bigger size water tanks. Every machine inside the capsule holder contains a rotating tool that punctures the coffee pods. Rotating it for half a minute after your coffee is made also helps remove all the powder particles that might clog the machine.

A Nespresso machine is at times expected to produce a true espresso flavor but it is different from espresso. Nespresso machines are easy to operate and maintain, and some of the machine models have built-in containers for the used pods. You only have to operate it with a single button and you will have your coffee ready in a minute or two. The reason why people opt for it is that the use of it and maintenance of it is easier than one can think even if you are someone who has never made a cup of coffee yourself. There is no sort of hassle or professionalism needed, you can get your freshly brewed coffee with just a touch as all the programs of the machinery run automatically.


Types of Nespresso machines

There are two major types of Nespresso machines: OriginalLine and VertuoLine. They are two different versions of Nespresso coffee machines and their difference depends on the machinery, dimensions, serving size, and coffee type. Both types use their respective capsules to provide you with quick and rich flavor coffee shots


Nespresso’s originalLine is the first launched range of machines. These espresso machines only work with originalLine capsules which are coffee beans ground and sealed hermetically. These pods are cheaper than the VertuoLine pods. This version of the Nespresso machine has around 19 bars of pressure through which it pulls out the shot. Few of the OriginalLine Nespresso machines even come with a milk frother and for the rest of them, you will have to use a separate frother.

When you insert the suitable capsule, It has a needle-like part that helps make holes into the capsule. You have to select your drink size so that the machine pumps the exact amount of water from the water tank. The machine then puts pressure on the water and the coffee so it gets brewed and gives out coffee shots. These machines contain more pod options but limited options for water volume and brewing length


Nespresso’s VertuoLine is a modified range of machines. These espresso machines only work with VertuoLine capsules. VertuoLine does not come with a milk frother, you will have to buy a separate milk frother with it. This machine does not require you to press any button for a drink size as it runs on a patented Nespresso system. Coffee made with VertuoLine is considered to be more similar to espresso because of its thicker body texture and strong taste considering its brewing process is based on centrifugal force.

The machine reads the barcode from the pod and works accordingly. When you insert the capsule, the machine brews it according to the exact brewing parameters of the barcode of that particular coffee. It has been launched to serve people with bigger coffee serving. A centrifugation technology is used in this machine to function. Centrifugal technology refers to the centrifugal force to brew your coffee which means that the pod inserted spins at high speed for more than 6,000 times per minute. This rate helps the coffee to get a thicker texture in less time.

How to use a Nespresso machine?

Nespresso machines have facilitated people to make coffee in the comfort of their homes in less time. These machines are designed to provide ease and convenience to users. This is not like any other complicated machine that you need to completely study. Anyone can easily operate this machine so you do not have to be a coffee professional to make coffee in a Nespresso machine. There is just one button you need to press to start the brewing process so the chance of error is not there.

When you start using your Nespresso machine, you should brew a few hot water batches in the coffee machine so that the system of the machine gets purged. If you are someone who likes experimenting then you can also keep experimenting with your coffee on your Nespresso machine. There are many recipes and techniques available on the internet for you to try with your Nespresso machine and make innovations. Mechanism of Nespresso machine

The type and models of Nespresso machines come in different varieties based on their mechanism. However, the core mechanism of all the machines is based on coffee and water. Every machine is different as some have water poured on the coffee grounds while others have hot water forced with high pressure through tightly filled coffee grounds but the point of commonality in all the Nespresso machines is that the water is loaded into its tank area and the pod of the Nespresso is fitted into the front of the machine.

A single pod can be inserted and it usually contains around 5 to 7 grams of the coffee capsule. These capsules further have different varieties depending on the flavor and standard. A Nespresso machine needs pods to pull out the coffee so one can even use eco-friendly pods. The water tank is filled with cold water which is then warmed up. The hot water is then forced to come out pushing the coffee from the coffee pod at high pressure.

For your coffee-making process, first plug in the coffee then fill the water tank with water. Place your coffee mug on the tray so that the coffee shots directly get poured into the cup. Now, drop the coffee capsule through the pod and press the button. The machine pumps water from the tank, the innate boiler heats the water within a few seconds. Then the machine digs a hole into the pod and injects hot water at high pressure through the hole. The coffee grounds dissolve into the water and the flavor from the coffee pod gets finely extracted.

There is no need to press and give any certain kind of pressure because the machine works fast and is convenient to use. Nespresso machines have the capability to achieve up to 15 bars of pressure so it will leave you with a finely brewed shot of Nespresso. This coffee has a roasted taste, bigger airy crema, and a balanced flavor. The big crema makes your cup of coffee more aromatic.

A Nespresso machine like any other coffee machine needs to be taken care of. You can not leave it without cleaning and expect it to work for years. A person owning a Nespresso machine for hygiene and cleaning purposes is required to descale the machine around every hundred cups.

Coffee pods

As the cost of Nespresso coffee apart from the Nespresso machine depends on the pods being used every time. These are Aluminium and plastic-composed pods and they are at times biodegradable so that all that material does not go to waste. The coffee available in the pods is usually not as strong as fresh coffee beans would be. One reason for it is that the time that the coffee in the pod is roasted and the ground is not known. Some pods claim to provide the quality of freshly roasted coffee but no matter how much they enhance the quality of it, freshly ground and roasted coffee will always be stronger and finer than the pod ones.

Another question that might come to your mind would be the number of pods one should use for a cup of coffee. It totally depends on the taste buds and coffee preference of the person who is drinking the coffee. Some people use two to three pods for a single cup of coffee while others use a single pod for a single cup of coffee. The level of caffeine in each pod also depends on the type of coffee inside it. For example, a Robusta pod contains around 2.45 caffeine while an Arabica Nespresso pod contains 1.3% caffeine.

There is a wide range of coffee pods available for Nespresso depending on the flavor and caffeine level. The flavors include Caffe lungo, Melozio, Caffe Misto, and cappuccino, etc and the different types of them include Americano, vanilla, decaf, etc. You can also buy decaffeinated pods if you do not want to take in caffeine and still want to enjoy the taste of coffee. The choice of the flavor depends on the taste buds of the person who drinks it.

Clean your Coffee machine

Once you have your cup of coffee ready, you should clean your machine which is also a simple task. Firstly you should remove the used pods. The disposal of pods also depends on the model and machine type. The pod should never be cleaned with water as there is a risk of the machine’s inner chamber being blocked.

The originalline’s capsules can be discarded by lifting up the lever and lowering it again so that used capsules go into the bin while VertuoLine requires you to unlock the position and lift its head. After discarding the used capsules, you can wash the tray that holds your coffee cup while pouring. If any other part of the machine needs cleaning you can clean that too and at the end make sure that your water tank is empty when it is not in use.

Nespresso machine with milk frother

A Nespresso machine is not only limited to the plain shots of espresso-like coffee but also supports milk frothers. These machines have attachments for frothers so you can also get yourself a different variety of coffee from the same machine if you like. These milk frothers come in the form of thick bottles and have a lid on top of it. The milk frother’s functionality depends on the user’s preference if he wants creamy steamed milk like Caffe Misto or fluffy foamed milk like cappuccino.

After you have chosen your coffee type, you can place the frother on the base of the frother’s mechanism. Now you can adjust the mixer according to the type of milk you want. For steaming milk you need to remove the spiral ring from the machine and for foaming milk you need to leave that spiral ring around the whisk. The next step is to add the milk to the frother and you can also choose if you want your milk froth to be cold or hot. Your frothed milk will be ready to add to your coffee cup within two minutes.

How is nespresso different from espresso?

Espresso and Nespresso are two different types of coffee but they seem very much alike. Espresso machine requires more time and effort as compared to espresso and espresso coffee is more concentrated and is made with more pressure of hot water over compressed coffee grounds. For this reason, they are sometimes considered similar but both of them are different because of the difference in their look, taste, and aroma.

Change in texture and flavor

Espresso has a much more enhanced flavor, strong aroma and has an acidic punch in it which makes it more intense and strong. Nespresso comparatively, has an ample aroma and minor acidity which makes it less intense. If you are someone who prefers cafe-style espresso then you might not be very intrigued by Nespresso. However, if you are not a fan of strong cafe-style espressos and enjoy an adequate flavor of coffee then Nespresso is your go-to coffee. Nespresso is not very intense and not strongly aromatic but will still give you a balanced flavor of the coffee. If your Nespresso coffee beans are from an organic farm then it can be slightly more flavorful but will still be less and fine for the taste buds of someone who prefers his coffee not so complex.

Difference in the working of machines

The Nespresso machines might not give you a very strong coffee like espresso but the machine is easier to operate and handle. This can be suitable for you if you want to make coffee at home in an easier way. Compostable pods can also be used with Nespresso machines. The machines are built in a way that you will not feel that you are going through an entire process for a cup of coffee. The machine takes a shorter time compared to an espresso machine, hardly two minutes, and then pulls out a flavorful shot of coffee for you through the pod.


The espresso machine on the other hand is time-consuming and difficult to manage. It will first take longer to warm then after it you will have to go through the entire process of grinding the coffee, tamping those grounds, packing it into the portafilter, attaching the portafilter to the machine, and waiting for your coffee to pour out of the pod. After all this, you still will not get the best flavor because the initial shots are not very rich in flavor so you will need to keep checking the adjustments until you get the required flavor. You will have to press on the ground with the right pressure to get consistent and perfect shots.

It will take up to 4 minutes for the whole process. Once you are done pouring out your coffee, cleaning and turning off the machine is another process. For that, you will have to clean out the group head and portafilter and then switch it off.

Ease of use

Most people opt for a Nespresso machine to make coffee at home because not everybody has the strength to put their maximum energy into the coffee-making process. The Nespresso coffee is comparatively cheaper compared to an Espresso machine. Espresso machines will require you to put in the effort every single time you want to make yourself a cup of coffee.

People usually have a convenient option and get themselves a Nespresso machine so that they can get a cup of coffee every time they want to have it. If you are an espresso fan and willing to give in the effort for that fine and strong coffee shot then go for the Espresso machine otherwise if you are looking for an easy-to-use option then go for a Nespresso machine. Some people find Nespresso taste not very satisfying compared to original brewed espresso coffee but considering its efficiency to provide you a quick consistent coffee still makes it a suitable option.


A Nespresso machine has been designed to bring ease to the life of coffee lovers. This helps you to make your favorite espresso coffee at your home or office within a minute. All effort that requires from you is to insert suitable pods and water into it and click the button. This coffee machine will bring out freshly brewed espresso-style coffee shots you can enjoy. This machine is inspired by an espresso machine but the coffee is not exactly like an espresso coffee. There is a difference in aroma, taste, and intensity in both coffees. However, the easy-to-operate functionality of a Nespresso machine makes it a great substitute for an espresso coffee. Some of the machines also include attachments for milk frothers. Depending on the mechanism, Nespresso machines have two major types which require their pods to function. A Nespresso machine is a well-designed machine that only requires water and pods to give out coffee and demands very easy maintenance.

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