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How To Save Twitch Streams: A Comprehensive Guide To Preserving Your Favorite Gaming Moments

Do you want to know how to save Twitch streams and what is its importance? Read this article to learn how to save Twitch streams on mobile and on computer.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, the realm of live streaming has burgeoned into a phenomenon that transcends mere content consumption. At the forefront of this revolution stands Twitch, a platform that has become the veritable hub for gamers, creators, and viewers alike. As gamers traverse virtual landscapes, embark on epic quests, and showcase their unparalleled skills, an invaluable stream of engaging content flows forth, captivating audiences in real-time.

Yet, within the ephemeral nature of live streams lies a paradox; the immersive experiences, electrifying victories, and unforgettable interactions shared by streamers and their audiences are often transient, fading into the abyss of forgotten digital moments. It is here that the importance of preservation comes to the fore – the art of capturing and immortalizing those riveting gaming sessions, those contagious bursts of laughter, and those heart-stopping victories that punctuate the world of Twitch.

Whether you’re an aspiring streamer seeking to etch your name into the annals of Twitch history or a fervent viewer who desires to rekindle the thrill of witnessing epic battles and hilarious banter, the pages that follow will serve as a guiding light to learn how to save Twitch streams. So, let us navigate the intricacies of this digital odyssey together.

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Understanding the significance of saving Twitch streams

The allure of Twitch lies in its ability to provide real-time interactions and immediate engagement. Yet, the world doesn’t always align with our gaming schedules, and sometimes, the most epic streams occur when we can’t be there to witness them live. 

This is where the importance of saving Twitch streams becomes evident. Viewers can revisit epic battles, exhilarating strategies, and comedic gems at their convenience by archiving these streams. The ability to rewatch these moments adds additional value to the live-streaming experience, making it a key feature for creators and viewers alike.

How to save Twitch streams?

Twitch has undoubtedly become one of the premier platforms for creating and consuming live-streamed entertainment. Catering to gamers, artists, performers, and anyone who seeks interactive engagement, Twitch offers an experience like no other. However, the transient nature of live streams means these moments can be fleeting, disappearing once they’ve concluded. Fortunately, Twitch provides several tools and methods to save and preserve these precious gaming moments, ensuring they can be rewatched and cherished long after the live broadcast.

  • The essential methods for saving Twitch streams
    • VODs (Video on Demand)
    • Clips
    • Highlights

The essential methods for saving Twitch streams:

VODs (Video on Demand):

Twitch’s built-in feature, VODs, automatically stores streams for a predetermined period after they conclude. Depending on your subscription status, the duration of VOD storage varies, with Twitch Prime, Turbo users, and Partners enjoying extended storage capabilities.


Capturing memorable moments from a live stream is made easy with Twitch’s “Clips” feature. Whether it’s a hilarious remark or a jaw-dropping play, viewers can create and share short video snippets directly from the live stream or VOD.


Twitch’s “Highlights” feature allows users to curate personalized reels showcasing the best moments from a stream. Viewers can add their commentary, captions, and edits to these highlights, making them a perfect tool for preserving and sharing unforgettable segments.

How to save Twitch streams to your computer

Most streaming studio programs, like Twitch Studio or OBS, let you save a stream to your computer as soon as it ends. This lets you post the stream somewhere else, like on YouTube or Reddit.

But if you didn’t use that feature, you can download your VODs and Highlights from the Creator Dashboard, too.

  1. Head to your Creator Dashboard and click Content in the left sidebar, and then Video Producer.
  2. Find the VOD or Highlight that you want to download and click the three stacked dots on its right side.
  3. Click Download in the drop-down menu. Twitch will take a moment to prepare the clip — if it’s very long, this could take a while — and then you’ll get to save the video as an .MP4 file.

How to turn Twitch VODs into permanent highlights

Once you have a VOD saved, it’ll stay saved on your channel for 60 days (Partners, Prime, and Turbo users) or 14 days (everyone else). But you can keep it saved forever by turning it into a Highlight.

  1. Head to your Creator Dashboard and click Content in the left sidebar, and then Video Producer.
  2. Find the stream you want to save and then click Highlight on the right side.
  3. The Video Producer menu in the Twitch Creator Dashboard.
  4. Click the “Highlight” option. Twitch; William Antonelli/Insider
  5. This will open an editing menu where you can pick exactly which part of the VOD you want to save. To save the entire VOD as a Highlight, stretch the yellow bar at the bottom to cover the entire timeline. You can also use the Start and End options to pick the Highlight’s boundaries more precisely.
  6. Once it’s ready, click Publish Highlights near the middle of the page.

Extending preservation: Tools and techniques beyond Twitch

Preserving your favorite Twitch streams and moments has become more important than ever. While Twitch provides its own mechanisms for saving broadcasts, there are additional tools and techniques available for those who seek greater control and accessibility in the world of stream preservation.

  • Third-party downloaders
  • OBS studio
  • Twitch clips downloader
  • Third-party downloaders

For those seeking more control over their saved streams, third-party tools and websites provide an alternative solution. Tools like Twitch Leecher and 4K Video Downloader enable users to download streams by inputting the stream’s URL and selecting the desired quality, making offline viewing possible.

  • OBS studio

As a powerful broadcasting software, OBS Studio not only facilitates live streaming but also acts as a recording tool. This is especially valuable for streamers who want to control the quality and format of their saved streams. Setting OBS Studio to automatically record streams during live broadcasts ensures that each session is preserved for later enjoyment.

  • Twitch clips downloader

 Dedicated tools for downloading Twitch clips are perfect for capturing those memorable, bite-sized moments. These online tools allow users to download clips simply by pasting the clip’s URL, making them easily accessible for offline viewing.

How to save Twitch streams on mobile

Twitch App VODs The Twitch mobile app offers users the convenience of watching VODs directly from their phones or tablets. By accessing a streamer’s channel and exploring their past broadcasts, viewers can relive their favorite moments on the go.

Mobile Download Options Certain mobile apps provide the functionality to download VODs and clips, enabling offline viewing. This feature proves invaluable for those moments when an internet connection isn’t available, making long commutes or travels more entertaining.

How to automatically archive Twitch streams

  • You’ll need to be on a computer to set up automatic storage of your Twitch streams. This function allows you to see full replays of your past streams, and publish them to your channel whenever you want.
  • Open a browser and go to From the homepage, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.
  • From the subsequent dropdown menu, click Creator Dashboard.
  • Within the Creator Dashboard, locate the Settings dropdown tab in the menu along the left-hand side. Open the Settings dropdown, then click Stream from the options underneath.
  • On the Stream page, scroll down to the VOD Settings section. Click the toggle next to Store past broadcasts to enable automatic storage.
  • After enabling past broadcast storage, another section will appear with the option to automatically publish past broadcasts as VODs. If you turn this off, VODs will remain unpublished by default. The advantage of this is better control over your public image — that 5-minute test stream won’t be accessible to everyone.

Tips for organizing your saved streams

  1. Create Folders – If you’re saving multiple streams, consider organizing them into folders. This will make it easier to find specific streams when you’re in the mood for a particular game or streamer.
  2. Rename Files – When you save streams, they often come with default file names that don’t tell you much about the content. Take a moment to rename the files with brief descriptions, so you know exactly what’s in each file.
  3. Legal Considerations – Not all content on Twitch can be saved or downloaded. Streams that include copyrighted music or other materials might get muted or taken down if saved.
  4. Streamer Consent – If you’re planning to save someone else’s stream, it’s always a good practice to ask for their permission. Many streamers are fine with it, but showing respect for their content and hard work is essential.

Navigating legal considerations

Copyrighted Content It’s essential to recognize that not all Twitch content can be saved or downloaded without potential consequences. Streams containing copyrighted music or other protected material might result in muted sections or takedown notices if saved.

Streamer Consent If you’re interested in saving another streamer’s content, it’s best practice to seek their permission first. While many streamers may welcome this, respecting their content and hard work demonstrates courtesy and professionalism.


What is the procedure for archiving another user’s Twitch stream?

Answer: Here’s a concise guide comprising three steps to safeguard Twitch streams belonging to others: Locate the desired VOD (Video On Demand) and copy its specific URL. To obtain Twitch VODs, navigate to the streamer’s Twitch channel and access the Videos tab. Click on the “Download Video” button and insert the copied URL. Initiate the process to retain past broadcasts on the Twitch platform.

Why aren’t my Twitch broadcasts being preserved?

Answer: If your Twitch streams are not being saved, it’s likely due to configuration settings pertaining to VOD (Video On Demand). Follow these outlined steps to modify your VOD settings: Access Twitch, click on your profile, and select the “Creator Dashboard.” Utilize the Hamburger icon near “Home,” then proceed to “Settings” and “Stream.” Switch the toggle for “Store past broadcasts” into the active position.

How can I store a live stream for future viewing?

Answer: To retain live streaming videos for later viewing, you must initially record them. Employ software such as OBS Studio or Restream Studio to capture live streams and subsequently save them as files on your computer’s hard drive. This process is also possible using built-in screen recording utilities on Mac or Windows 10 PCs.

Is there a perpetual archive of Twitch streams?

Answer: Most Twitch Partners, Prime users, and Twitch Turbo subscribers will find their prior broadcasts saved for a duration of 60 days before deletion.

Is it possible to preserve streams for later viewing?

Answer: You can enable this option by logging into your Twitch account and navigating to “Settings” > “Channel and Videos.” Activate the “Store past broadcasts” option. This action will automatically preserve your streams for varying durations based on user categories.

Can live streams be reviewed at a later time? 

Answer: Indeed, it is possible to rewatch live streams even after their initial broadcast. Major streaming platforms support the storage of live streams for subsequent viewing, eliminating concerns about missing out on content. Furthermore, these archived streams can be shared with those who couldn’t participate in the live experience.

What’s the recommended duration for Twitch streams?

Answer: Twitch advises that each stream should last at least 2 hours. This duration provides ample time for building momentum and aiding viewers in discovering your content. Streams should ideally not be shorter than 1 hour.

Are inactive Twitch accounts deleted? 

Answer: Although certain accounts may appear inactive due to lack of streaming or following activity, they might still be utilized for occasional viewing or chat engagement. However, in compliance with predefined inactivity criteria, such accounts undergo an automated recycling process.

Why do content creators remove streams from YouTube? 

Answer: Content creators often choose to remove certain videos from their YouTube channels, even if the videos are of high quality, primarily due to concerns related to copyright issues. Many videos are removed or taken down by publishers when fair usage of copyrighted content is not properly acknowledged.

Which software is more commonly used by streamers, OBS or Streamlabs? 

Answer: OBS is frequently preferred by many professional streamers because of the extensive control it offers over streaming setups. Additionally, OBS serves as the go-to software for screen recording, a feature often utilized by professional streamers. Streamlabs, on the other hand, is considered more user-friendly for beginners, although it may entail costs, especially for budget-conscious individuals.

Do streamers receive income from Streamlabs? 

Answer: Streamlabs tipping ensures that all tips, excluding standard PayPal processing fees, directly benefit the creator. Users have the option to configure both one-time and recurring tips, and they receive custom on-screen alerts whenever they receive support.

Does Streamlabs impose a fee?

Answer: Streamlabs provides a comprehensive suite of tools for video recording and live streaming at no charge. This includes live streaming software with numerous widgets, built-in overlay themes and alerts, a tip page (with no deductions taken), and Cloudbot moderation features.

How can I retain my previous streams?

Answer: Twitch creators can automate the preservation of their previously streamed broadcasts by adjusting Stream Settings within the Twitch Creator Dashboard. Access the Creator Dashboard, expand the Settings tab, click on the Stream menu, and activate the “Store past broadcasts” toggle under VOD Settings.

Can streaming generate revenue?

Answer: The financial success of streaming is limited to a small minority of creators. For instance, on Twitch, the top 1,000 channels garner 53% of all viewing time. While prominent streamers can earn substantial monthly incomes ranging from $3,000 to $6,000, smaller streamers with fewer than 100 viewers can expect to earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per month.

What stands as the longest uninterrupted Twitch stream?

Answer: Currently, a Twitch streamer named GPHustla holds the record for the lengthiest continuous broadcast, lasting an astonishing 634 days. It’s improbable that anyone will surpass this record.

Is daily streaming advisable on Twitch? 

Answer: Conventional streamers should consider initiating their streaming journey by going live 3-5 days per week, with an average session lasting 3-4 hours. The exact schedule can vary depending on daily activities and the content being streamed. Allocating time for channel growth, content creation, networking, and promotion is crucial.

During what timeframe is Twitch most active?

Answer: Irrespective of your time zone, the optimal time for Twitch streaming falls between 12 midnight and 9 AM. However, note that streaming during these peak hours might result in competition for viewership. As a new streamer, you could consider streaming between 11 AM and 2 PM.

What can Twitch streamers expect to earn?

Answer: Small Twitch streamers can anticipate monthly earnings ranging from $50 to $1500, contingent upon their average viewership. Earnings can be estimated based on viewership levels:

  • 5-10 average viewers: $50-$200 per month.
  • 20 average viewers: $200-$400 per month.

Which platform is preferable, Twitch or YouTube?

Answer: The choice between Twitch and YouTube depends on your content strategy. If you intend to publish both live streams and on-demand content, YouTube is likely the better option. On the other hand, if you’re primarily focused on broadcasting gameplay, Twitch may be more suitable for newcomers.

What age group does Twitch cater to? 

Answer: Twitch is intended for users aged 13 and above. The platform is committed to adhering to age restrictions in order to ensure the safety of children and teenagers. If you become aware of someone under 13 using Twitch, it’s advisable to report it.

How can I download Twitch videos for offline viewing?

Answer: To download Twitch streams for offline viewing, follow these steps: Launch the 4K Video Downloader+, available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. Copy the specific link of the Twitch stream you wish to download. Click the “Paste Link” button within the downloader. Select your desired format, quality, and output location. Finally, initiate the download by clicking the corresponding button.

Can I access my Twitch performance recap? 

Answer: You can conveniently locate your recap on either the streamer’s channel page or within your subscriptions management page. By clicking the provided monthly recap link, you can navigate through the pages using the arrow keys.

What constitutes a strong Twitch username? 

Answer: When selecting a Twitch username, several factors contribute to its effectiveness: Opt for a concise and impactful name, akin to notable examples like Ninja, Shroud, Myth, and DrLupo. Consider using a clever pun or a commonly recognized phrase, aligning with your streaming niche and target audience. Aim for memorability by choosing a name that leaves a lasting impression. Leveraging your brand’s name is another effective strategy. Personalize the name to reflect your identity and content.

Is it possible to alter my Twitch username? 

Answer: If you wish to modify your Twitch username, follow these steps: Log in through the Twitch desktop app and access the “Settings” section from your profile picture. Navigate to the “Profile” tab and locate the pencil icon adjacent to your existing username. By clicking this icon, you can change your Twitch username as desired.

Are inactive viewers counted on Twitch?

Answer: Any individual who engages with a live video, regardless of having a Twitch account or being signed in, is considered a viewer. This tally remains in effect while they are watching the live content. However, the viewer count may take a few minutes to adjust once someone stops watching the live stream.


Whether you’re an aspiring streamer or a fervent viewer, this guide has illuminated the path to safeguarding your cherished gaming moments. We’ve explored the importance of saving Twitch streams, the basics of preservation, legal considerations, and a multitude of tools and techniques. Now, you have the knowledge to relive epic battles, hilarious banter, and heart-pounding victories, transcending the ephemeral nature of live streams.