How To Get Un-Shadowbanned On Tiktok? A Basic Guide To Shadowbanning On TikTok

Are you experiencing a sudden lack of engagement on TikTok? Chances are you could be a victim of the infamous shadow ban. So what is a shadow ban on TikTok, and if you are a victim of a shadow ban, then how to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok? We’ve got all the answers and more below. 

Regardless of the type of content you create on TikTok, the goal is to reach as many users as possible since the platform is home to viral challenges and popular content. Young people are drawn to TikTok because they can showcase their creativity and build their audience, as well as participate in challenges that allow them to compete using a particular skill.

Marketers also appreciate the platform’s short and concise messaging, which suits viewers’ short attention spans. TikTok’s content can also be easily repurposed for TV commercials and vice versa, thanks to its brevity. However, it’s common for your reach to be severely limited, especially if you’re shadowbanned. This means people will need help finding your content, and if they’re not looking for it, they won’t come across it.

Thankfully, there are ways to undo the shadowban so that you can get back to using the platform normally. This article describes what is a shadowban on TikTok, why have you been shadowbanned on TikTok, and how to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok. Many of the solutions provided in this article are straightforward and easy to implement. So read on and get yourself un-shadowbanned.

What is a shadowban on TikTok?

Shadowbanning is a process on TikTok in which a user’s content is made invisible or has limited reach to other users without the user’s knowledge or notification from TikTok. As a result, the user’s likes, views, traffic, growth, and engagement are restricted on the platform.

This can cause a severe limitation on the user’s reach, making it challenging to attract new followers or gain visibility. In other words, it is as if the user’s account is in a state of suspended animation, with no visible impact on the platform.

The duration of a shadowban can vary based on the extent of the violations and the user’s past history of similar violations. Generally, it lasts for about 1-2 weeks. The degree of shadow banning can also range from minor to complete cutoff from organic exposure on the platform, even to existing followers.

In most cases, shadowbanned accounts can still search TikTok via various lookup functions, and other users can still engage with their content, perform duets, and more. This is why shadow bans are sometimes challenging to detect.

Shadowbanning is typically caused by a violation of TikTok’s community guidelines, although the exact reasons are not always straightforward due to the constantly evolving nature of the TikTok algorithm. The term “shadowbanning” has been around for as long as there have been social media algorithms, as other platforms like Twitter and Instagram also shadowban accounts that violate their guidelines.

It is important to note that users are responsible for their own content and engagement with other users on TikTok. To avoid being shadowbanned, following the community guidelines, avoiding using bots or other prohibited methods to increase views or followers, and maintaining a positive, authentic presence on the platform are essential. If you find yourself shadowbanned, there are steps you can take to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok, which we’ll discuss further in the article.

Why is it called a “shadowban”?

The phrase “shadow banning” has a conversational history and has undergone some usage evolution. It originally applied to a deceptive account suspension on web forums, where a person would appear to be able to post while having all their content hidden from other users. More recently, the term has come to apply to alternative measures, particularly visibility measures like delisting and downranking.

A shadow ban on TikTok is a term used to describe a situation where a user’s account on a social media platform or forum is blocked or partially blocked, but the user is not notified of the ban. The term “shadow” refers to the fact that the user is not aware that they have been banned, and their content appears to be visible to them and others. The term “shadow ban” originated on Reddit, where the practice was first used to combat spam accounts. It has since been adopted by other social media platforms and online communities.

What is the difference between a shadowban and a permanent ban?

A shadowban is a type of account ban where the user is not notified that their account has been banned. A permanent ban will entirely delete the account or site from TikTok or other social media platforms.

A permanent ban is more severe as the user will no longer have access to their account. Conversely, a shadowban on TikTok will limit the user’s ability to interact with other TikTok users by making it difficult for their content to show up in search results, the “For You” page, or trending videos and hashtags.

How does TikTok detect violations to shadowban its users?

TikTok uses a combination of human moderators and automated systems to detect community guideline violations and shadowban its users. The platform’s community guidelines outline the types of content prohibited, such as hate speech, harassment, and graphic violence.

TikTok has a team of moderators who review reported content and proactively identify content that violates these guidelines. The moderators are trained to identify specific behaviors and patterns that indicate a violation of the guidelines.

In addition to human moderators, TikTok also uses automated systems to detect and flag potentially inappropriate content. These systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze content for potential violations. The algorithms look for specific patterns and keywords that may indicate a violation of the guidelines.


When content is flagged as potentially violating the guidelines, it is reviewed by a human moderator. If the moderator determines that the content does violate the guidelines, they can take action, such as removing the content or shadowbanning the user.

It’s important to note that while TikTok’s automated systems and human moderators strive to identify and address community guideline violations, there may be cases where content that violates the guidelines is not recognized or addressed. Therefore, it’s important for users to review and follow the platform’s community guidelines to avoid violating them unintentionally.

Why should TikTokers be concerned about getting shadowbanned?

TikTokers should be concerned about being shadow banned because it can significantly affect their reach and engagement on the platform, which can ultimately impact their ability to grow their following and achieve their goals on the forum.

When a TikToker is shadowbanned, their content becomes invisible to other users in search results and on the For You page, which can decrease views, likes, and comments on their content. This can make it harder for them to reach a wider audience and gain new followers. Additionally, since TikTok’s algorithm rewards engagement, a decrease in engagement can make it more difficult for their content to be shown to other users.

Furthermore, a shadowban can damage a TikToker’s reputation on the platform, as other users may perceive them as violating community guidelines or engaging in inappropriate behavior. This can lead to a loss of trust and credibility among their audience and potentially harm their opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship deals.

In summary, a shadowban on TikTok can be a significant concern for TikTokers as it can negatively impact their reach, engagement, reputation, and, ultimately, their ability to achieve their goals on the platform.

How long does the shadowban last?

Even if you’re careful to follow TikTok’s community guidelines, you could still end up getting shadowbanned. The good news is that shadowbans on TikTok are typically temporary, and they’re put in place to give TikTok time to evaluate your account and ensure that your content is in compliance with their guidelines.

The duration of a shadowban can vary, ranging from just 24 hours to several days or even up to a month. While a 24-hour ban may not significantly impact your following, a several-week ban could be disastrous. You must do everything possible to avoid being shadowbanned and act swiftly to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok.

How to know if you have been shadowbanned on TikTok?

To get un-shadowbanned on TikTok, you need to know if you’ve been shadowbanned or not. Detecting whether you’ve been shadowbanned on TikTok can be pretty tricky. As discussed earlier, shadowbanning is a term used to describe a social media platform’s practice of hiding a user’s content from other users without notifying the user.

On TikTok, shadowbanning typically happens when a user’s content is flagged as violating the platform’s community guidelines. If you’ve been shadowbanned on TikTok, your content will still appear on your profile, but it will not be visible to other users in their search results or on the For You page.

Since TikTok does not notify users of a shadowban, it is up to the users to figure it out themselves. One way to know if you’ve been shadowbanned is by observing that your followers have not seen your latest video or cannot see your existing videos, though this may not always be the case. However, there are some signs to look out for that can indicate a shadowban, as it can have consequences for your account.

  • Your videos no longer appear in people’s feeds or FYP. Arguably, this is a more significant red flag than the last one because you might have less activity after publishing a less popular video.
  • Your hashtags and videos stop appearing in people’s search results. This means that people can’t see your videos unless they follow you.
  • Nobody gets notifications about a new video. In other words, shadowbanning doesn’t just mean that the video doesn’t show up in their feed. They simply don’t hear about it at all.
  • Decreased Engagement: If you notice a sudden drop in views, likes, and comments on your TikTok content, this could be a sign that you have been shadowbanned.
  • Warnings or Notifications: TikTok may send you a notification or warning if your content has been flagged for violating community guidelines, and if it continues to happen, you may be at risk of being shadowbanned.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned account changes, it’s likely that you have been shadowbanned on TikTok. To resume sharing your content or reaching out to your community, you need to figure out how to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok. Having an account that generates engagement is crucial for individuals to showcase their talent and for branded accounts to connect with their audience.

Why have you been shadow banned on TikTok?

To successfully get un-shadowbanned on TikTok, it’s essential to understand the reason why you were shadowbanned in the first place. However, it can be difficult to identify the reason behind the shadowban if you haven’t intentionally posted inappropriate content on the platform. It’s possible that you might have unknowingly violated some guidelines, which could have triggered the algorithm and led to the shadowban.

The problem with shadowbanning is that it is triggered by an algorithm and not by a human review. While algorithms are typically effective in detecting potential guideline violations, they can also be a blunt instrument.

Therefore, to restore your account, you need to satisfy the algorithm rather than a human reviewer, which can be challenging as fewer opportunities exist for a human review. Here are some possible reasons why your TikTok account may have been shadowbanned:

  • Posting adult content
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Copyright infringement
  • By accident

Posting adult content

TikTok’s “Community Guidelines” prohibit posting adult content, including nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit material. Doing so can result in being shadowbanned or even banned from the platform entirely. To avoid this, it’s essential to keep your content appropriate for all ages and in compliance with TikTok’s standards.

Bullying or harassment

TikTok strongly values inclusivity and “individual expression without fear of abuse,” meaning that it takes a firm stance against hateful behavior. If you engage in any activities, such as posting, commenting, or sharing content that TikTok considers hateful, you risk having your content hidden from other users. The bottom line is to avoid spreading hate online and focus instead on producing high-quality content.

Copyright infringement

Sharing content on TikTok that belongs to someone else without proper permission can result in copyright infringement, which is against the platform’s policies. TikTok has strict rules regarding intellectual property rights, which means that posting content that violates someone’s copyrights or trademarks could lead to a shadowban.

Creating original content is essential instead of reposting or sharing other people’s work without proper attribution or consent. Ultimately, being authentic and producing original content can help prevent shadowbans on TikTok.

By accident

Automated moderation is the primary method used by TikTok to identify content that violates the “Community Guidelines,” but this system is not always accurate. According to an NBC News article, Jewish creators have reported that TikTok has unfairly flagged and removed their content, leading to a form of censorship.

This is a common challenge with automated moderation, as using technology to prevent hate speech can inadvertently suppress specific communities’ voices rather than promote them. TikTok community guidelines list several other reasons that could lead to a temporary shadow ban on the platform. The most frequently violated policies include the following:

  • Promoting violence or hate
  • Being banned from a live video
  • Being reported by other TikTok users
  • The video points to an inappropriate 3rd party website
  • Removing videos (they like things to be natural and want everything that you share to stay up)
  • Making videos private
  • Buying fake engagement
  • Buying fake followers
  • Using specific hashtags (whether fair or not)
  • Exploiting a minor (making them afraid, put in danger, or ashamed)

The common denominator here is that you’re doing something that is harming the platform or its users, and TikTok doesn’t want to reward you with free views for it. Repeat violations of the community guidelines can and will result in a complete and permanent ban from TikTok.

How to get un-shadowbanned on TikTok?

To get un-shadowbanned on TikTok, you can try a few things that we are listing here. Facing a shadowban on TikTok can be pretty frustrating for content creators as their hard work might suddenly disappear, and it feels like no one is watching their videos anymore. However, some effective ways exist to address the issue and un-shadowban your account. These methods are based on the experience of other TikTok users and focus on different reasons for being shadowbanned.

  • Check your recent uploads and delete them if they are inappropriate
  • Stop posting new content
  • Update your TikTok
  • Avoid spammy activity
  • Upgrade to a pro account
  • Appeal the shadowban
  • Improve your account’s health

Check your recent uploads and delete them if they are inappropriate

Examine your most recent uploads to check if anything might have gone against the community rules. Visit the platform’s guidelines page and have a brief look if you’re unsure of what they are. Remove any videos you believe to be in violation of the guidelines. Simply put, thoroughly clean up the content.

That’s right, it takes a lot of labor. Consider it this way: Anything that might contravene community norms could also harm your company’s or your personal brand (yes, even if you post self-videos, you are still a brand) reputation. Whether your brand is business or personal, it implies to all. And perhaps, once you’ve finished the cleanup, your channel will be better.

Stop posting new content

Post no new content until you determine the cause of your shadowban. You run the risk of having your account suspended or, worse, permanently banned. Remember that breaking community standards is one of the main causes of shadowbanning. The last thing you want to do in this situation is give TikTok another cause to tighten the restrictions on your account.

The fact that your account is shadowbanned might not stop you from posting, but other reasons might encourage you to hit the brakes on posting any content to TikTok. The interaction or views that you desire for your material won’t be received, in particular.

Thus, that content should appear once your account has recovered its exemplary status. In close proximity, there’s always a danger that newly posted material from a shadowbanned will somehow become tarnished in TikTok’s eyes.

Update your TikTok

While possessing an outdated version of TikTok may or may not result in shadowban, outdated versions undoubtedly have bugs. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll believe your account has been shadowbanned because the results for your hashtags will display your likes incorrectly in your app version. So, using an outdated app version may occasionally offer false information regarding your account status.

Also, if you are still using an outdated version of TikTok, the algorithm can assume that you are a spammer. It’s possible that users who use TikTok improperly won’t update their apps. It’s possible that they don’t give a damn about the account because they’ll just create a new one when it is banned.

Fortunately, there is a very simple way to potentially get un-shadowbanned from TikTok. To update it, you simply go to the area of your phone that allows you to make modifications. You just need to update your TikTok application by going to your relevant app store, whether you are on ios or android, and hit the update option. You will discover that your account is operational once you log in to your TikTok account again.

It’s also possible that the app-related factors that caused your account to be flagged will disappear. The best part is that this is a simple fix, so even if it doesn’t work, you won’t put in a lot of effort. If it does work, you will get an instant repair.

Avoid spammy activity

Do not follow and like too many users. The algorithm may mark this as spammy behavior. The most crucial thing to do is to cease your suspicious activities if you have already received a shadowban for engaging in such behavior. Our advice is to keep viewing videos for a time but either interact with them or stop watching them altogether. Furthermore, stop following people for a bit.

This strategy shows that you understand how to use TikTok without annoying others. You’ll eventually appear to be a genuine TikTok user once more. Although it’s not a quick remedy, user experience demonstrates that it’s effective. Moreover, TikTok does not shadowban users for longer than two weeks. Changing your behavior can prevent the shadowban from evolving into a suspension or permanent ban.

Upgrade to a pro account

Although there is no guarantee that this will be successful, it might eventually help you expand your reach. A pro account gives users extra alternatives for advertising, such as boosting posts, to reach their audiences effectively.

In light of the preceding, obtaining a pro account is a wise move if you intend to monetize your account or if you represent a brand. Pro accounts get access to data like likes and shares, which can be helpful to give you a better insight into your TikTok account. Like any other analytical data collection, you can use this information effectively to boost your engagement.

Appeal the shadowban

You can attempt to overturn the shadowban if you’re satisfied that your account does not contravene any “Community Guidelines.” You’ll need to accomplish this by getting in touch with TikTok support and letting them know why you believe your account was wrongly shadowbanned. Add as many specifics as possible, like links to certain videos or blogs. You can visit their support page via the app and follow the instructions to contact TikTok directly.

Improve your account’s health

It won’t be adequate just to delete the content if you believe that your shadowban was brought on by inappropriate content. Before you can anticipate being shadowbanned, you’ll need to devote some time to enhancing the health of your account. This entails maintaining order and ensuring that all of your content complies with the “Community Standards” of TikTok. To effectively better the health of your account:

  • Remove any spam accounts or remarks.
  • Concentrate on producing exciting material.
  • Establish a community around your account by interacting with other users.
  • Make sure to use the app frequently and to post.

You can effectively create a better reputation for your TikTok account and clear any sort of violations that might have been recorded against your TikTok account by the algorithms if you keenly follow the methods mentioned above. If you can still not avoid a shadowban, you might need to start over and make a new TikTok account, but this time, remember to play safe with your TikTok account,

What are some TikTok shadowban fixes that don’t work?

Living in a world with information overload, unfortunately, there is a lot of false information about TikTok shadowbans online. Here are some advice and remedies that are increasingly prevalent and rotated around frequently but should be avoided:

  • TikTok should be reinstalled. Shadowbans on TikTok is applied to the network rather than the app. Your account status won’t change if you uninstall and reinstall the program.
  • Leave your TikTok account open. This phony fix will not lift a shadowban on an account.
  • Install an anti-shadowban application. Any website telling you to do so is probably a fraud because no app or tool will un-shadowban your TikTok account.
  • A “shadowban professional” should be hired. No matter what someone claims online, your TikTok account’s shadowban cannot be lifted by a so-called professional as there is no shadow ban professional, and you are probably being scammed.

How to prepare for a TikTok shadow ban?

Diversifying your social media platforms is the greatest approach to getting ready for a potential shadowban on TikTok so that your audience can still find your content even if it is blocked. You can share and link your TikTok videos on other social networks in addition to expanding your audience across TikTok.

What are some effective ways to avoid being shadowbanned on TikTok?

There are certain ways you can promptly avoid future shadowbans on your TikTok account. Once you’ve tasted the wrath of being shadowbanned on TikTok, you probably don’t want that to happen again; hence we’ve listed some ways you can make sure the TikTok algorithms go easy on you in the future.

  • Don’t violate community guidelines
  • Don’t act like a bot
  • Don’t use banned hashtags
  • Don’t be spammy
  • Be consistent
  • Don’t pay for likes or comments, or followers
  • Treat others respectfully

Don’t violate community guidelines

There are community standards for each site that assist in regulating content. Typically, these rules forbid defamation, nudity, and unlawful conduct. You will likely be outright banned or have your content removed if you are explicitly breaking any of these rules. You could also run the risk of having your site de-ranked or hidden if you post stuff that isn’t explicitly against the law but isn’t quite appropriate for all audiences.

Don’t act like a bot

Bot-like activity includes utilizing excessive amounts of hashtags and unrelated hashtags, following lots of people quickly, and commenting on lots of posts quickly. Also, remember that social media platforms usually work to eliminate that. Your material will be shared and promoted in feeds and on find pages far more frequently if you behave humanely.

Keeping in tune with the above point, make sure your profile appears to be that of a real person (or credible brand) by filling out all required fields, ensuring you have a suitable profile image, and you are using a legitimate email address as your contact information.

Don’t use banned hashtags

Now and then, some immature or nonserious users will use a trending hashtag which might go against the community guidelines employed by TikTok, so generally, TikTok may decide to filter the content or delete it from searches. If you use the hashtag, your content won’t appear in recommendations or in search results; you might even have your account blocked.


A quick Google search will turn up several websites that keep track of this type of thing, but no official list of restricted hashtags is available. Before using hashtags to the hilt, ensuring those cool teens or any sort of weird or inappropriate hashtag is still operational doesn’t hurt.

Don’t be spammy

According to reports, publishing repetitious information or posting the same links again may result in shadowbanning. And what’s worse, you can be sure that some of your supporters will roll their eyes at your repeated content. For optimum engagement, stick with current, engaging information rather than manually made spam.

Be consistent

The most excellent method to foster genuine involvement with your followers and increase your probability of discovery is to post frequently at the optimal time for each social media network. You might just feel like you’re screaming into the blank (or the shadow) if you publish irregularly when no one is online to see what you’re up to!

Don’t pay for likes or comments, or followers

Paying for likes is not only a bad social media strategy but could raise a red signal with the social networks. It can be a sign that something weird is happening when you suddenly gain 3,000 new Russian followers within an hour, and all comments start saying, “Nice photo, wow, hot.”

This type of cunning workaround is undoubtedly not rewarded by the algorithm, and it appears that it may also result in shadowbans. In either case, it is advised not to buy gifts for friends (we know you might want to surprise your best friend with likes, but your gesture might harm them, so just don’t)

Treat others respectfully

Don’t be trolling or bullying others on social media, especially TikTik! You shouldn’t be going around harassing others! Any platform would be wise to keep your content off other people’s radar if you are frequently being reported or flagged by other users for your online activity.

Are there any long-term side effects of getting shadow banned on TikTok?

There are no known long-term side effects of getting shadowbanned on TikTok. Shadowbanning is a temporary measure that is usually taken by the platform to discourage users from violating its community guidelines.

If you are shadowbanned on TikTok, it means that your content will not be visible to other users in their search results or on the For You page. This can result in a decrease in views, likes, and comments on your content. However, once you take steps to address the issue, such as reviewing your content and changing your behavior, your content can once again be visible to other users.

It’s important to note that while shadowbanning is a temporary measure, repeatedly violating TikTok’s community guidelines can result in more severe consequences, such as account suspension or termination. Therefore, reviewing and following the platform’s guidelines is important to avoid any negative consequences.

In summary, while shadowbanning on TikTok can decrease engagement, there are no known long-term side effects of getting shadowbanned. Taking steps to address the issue can help restore visibility to your content and avoid more severe consequences in the future.


When someone’s account activity disappears from the internet despite being online and accessible, it is known as a shadow banning or shadowbanned. A TikTok shadow ban stops your videos from being seen by all of the app’s users. It serves as a technique to hide material you upload online without being permanently banned from TikTok. You can still publish and view videos on TikTok if you’ve been shadowbanned, but no one can see them on the “For you page,” trending videos, hashtag section, or search result page.

Getting shadowbanned on TikTok can be annoying, especially since it prevents you from receiving compensation for your efforts. Fortunately, avoiding a shadowban is not too difficult if you know what irritates the TikTok algorithm. Nevertheless, these methods for becoming are rather simple if you do get shadowbanned.