How To Capture Memorable Wedding Moments With The Dickens Brothers

It is every person’s dream to exchange wedding vows with the person they love. A wedding day is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. It is a special day for any bride and groom. In front of their family members, relatives, and close friends, two hearts bind themselves together and commit themselves to each other forever. It is not just a 5-hour event, but rather the start of a journey. They arrived as two and will leave as one. 

One married couple says, “it’s hard to describe the feeling that you have on your wedding day. It is a mixed feeling of so many emotions. Believe that even with a lot of preparations for our big day, nothing quite prepares you for the overwhelmingly warm and fuzzy sensation that you get on your wedding day. It is the most amazing and wonderful event in your life.” 

Wouldn’t it be nice to savor the feeling of getting married by capturing this moment on film in a cinematic way to relive that wonderful moment?

This is exactly what Peek Wedding Films does. They capture a couple’s wedding moment in a cinematic style as if they were shooting a Hollywood movie. Peek Wedding Films prides itself on  employing the art of filmmaking and visual storytelling in wedding videography. The composition, color, lighting, editing, effects, and music are mastered to make it look like an actual film seen in theaters.

Peek Wedding Films

Two brothers from a quiet city in the Central Valley of California established Peek Wedding Films in 2017. Brothers Eriksen and Soren Dickens are the founders of this growing company. The company itself was established while they were college students at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.

After their success in establishing a production company called Platinum Peek Productions, the two brothers decided to expand their presence by branching out into the wedding industry to broaden their clientele. The brothers were not only attracted to the fact that weddings were a consistent source of revenue, they really enjoyed being apart of such a happy day.

“Since we were young kids, we loved making films. Our passion is to tell stories through documentary-style filmmaking. So, we thought, why not use this style to tell the story of couples who are getting married to capture not only the moment, but also the emotions on their wedding day,” says Soren as he recalled how he and his brother came up with the idea of creating Peek Wedding Films.

Capturing Wedding Moments

“What makes our wedding films unique is the way we treat the bride and groom. We treat the couple as if they are movie stars and their wedding was a Hollywood hit,” explains Eriksen Dickens as he pointed out how their business is a cut above the rest.

Their wedding films usually run for a maximum of 15 minutes. At any wedding event, they usually operate as a four-man team with two camera operators, one person-in-charge of audio and one utility crew member. They also bring their own lighting equipment of which they use when they’re able to in order to make the footage look more cinematic. The lighting also helps set the mood of the wedding film which allows them to capture the emotions encapsulated in that memorable moment.

Peek Wedding Films edits the film the way films are edited. It is a story with a beginning, middle and ending. Eriksen shared that every time couples watch their wedding films, they feel that they are reliving that special day once again from start to finish and felt the same emotions that they felt on that day.

Get To Know The Couples

Soren notes, “we are not just capturing a 5-hour event, but we are telling a couple’s love story.” He added that they sit down with the couple to know details about their love story. “We pay close attention to detail to know the couples,” he explained.

“They took the time to meet and speak with us prior to the wedding and planned a schedule that worked for us. Of all my wedding vendors, they were by far the easiest to work with,” reflected Kerra Butler, one of the satisfied clients of Peek Wedding Films.  

They also utilize a wide variety of camera angles to make the video more engaging. They deploy a roamer with one camera and another operator standing right in the middle of the aisle. By using a style that embraces quick cuts, their films are able to maintain a higher retention rate.

Additionally, the brothers offer interviews with the bridal party as part of their Platinum Package. Eriksen Dickens claims, “by interviewing the bridal party it really personalizes the film. People like when they hear good things said about them. It’s human nature. And despite the fact a bridal party consists of the couple’s closest friends, odds are they’ve never actually heard in spoken words what their closest friends like about them… what they think about their relationship… how their friendship has impacted them. Interviews really bring a whole other element of emotion to a wedding film.”   

Explore The Location

Soren noted that they usually arrive a few hours early at the venue to scope out the big picture of the special day. “We see where our cameras would best fit and find spots that will help capture the wedding in a unique way. We want to make their wedding day a genuine experience full of emotion,” he continued.

Little Details

The Dickens brothers shared that they pay close attention to every single detail that is important to the groom and bride. It is important to capture these small moments because they usually convey powerful emotions because they’re so intimate. From things as tiny as the lace to the tie of the groom, to the arrangement of flowers, these may be small things, but they can help emanate the emotions of the wedding day. To capture this on film is spectacular.

Ashley Putnam was grateful for the wedding film created by Peek Wedding Films on her special day. “My wedding video made me laugh, cry and feel like I was reliving that wonderful day over every time I watched it. They surpassed everything I ever wanted. They recorded and caught moments that I didn’t get to see in that perspective, and it made me smile and appreciate all their effort and talent,” she says with a satisfied tone in her voice.   

In a nutshell

The Dickens brothers love to tell the story of ordinary people in an extraordinary style. It is their passion. Their life story is telling the stories of others. They are creating wedding films in a manner that truly distinguishes them in the wedding industry. As Eriksen says, “Every couple deserves to feel like movie stars at least once in their lives.” 

For couples who want their wedding story captured in the most engaging way possible, please kindly visit the Dickens brothers’ websites at www.peekweddingfilms.com. Please also follow them on Instagram at @peekweddingfilms, @sorendickens, @eriksenwdickens, and @platinumpeek.