How Ryan Shemen of Armus Solutions Is Providing Exceptional Solutions to Critical Challenges in Organizations

Having spent a large part of his career as a Marketing and Business Development expert, Ryan Shemen has helped many customers, venues, and brands by arranging customized events based on his clients’ needs and goals. He has extensive experience successfully planning and executing large-scale events for international clients including HBO, Google, Kohl’s and many more. 

Ryan Shemen hails from Englewood, New Jersey where he was raised by his Jewish parents. He attended Modern Orthodox Jewish schools Moriah and Frisch and later on, graduated from Binghamton University. He previously owned a marketing agency and event organization company through which he has gained great exposure to global cultures.

Today, Ryan Shemen is leading Armus Solutions as the Executive Vice President. The company aims to provide viable solutions that help different entities protect and preserve  their assets through the power of Nanotechnology across varying industries such as agriculture, utility, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, and healthcare. 

What is Nanotechnology? 

Nanotechnology is a constantly evolving phenomena which uses the elements of science and engineering at the nanoscale. Nanoscience is the study and use of extremely small things in other fields like chemistry, biology, physics, material science and engineering. 

What does Armus Solutions do?

Ryan was attracted to the company largely because of its foolproof, innovative ideology coupled with the team’s commitment to limiting environmental damages. Armus products use the power of nanotechnology to present building surfaces and materials which protect the environment. He says, “As a global team of design professionals, material scientists, researchers, engineers, and construction experts, we understand the complexities of all-size projects and are committed to helping companies source cutting-edge materials and coatings to provide sustainable solutions. Armus’s products are designed to protect important environments by harnessing the power of nanotechnology which is the science of smart, functional materials and the bonds in which they produce. Our products are also eco-friendly and prevent everyday environmental issues from damaging surfaces.”

Ryan is a mission-oriented sales and marketing executive with many years of experience in the field. He is dedicated to driving the brand’s mission and vision across all international marketplaces and making use of modern technology and social media to surpass the goals of the company. 

You can find out more about Ryan Shemen on his Instagram profile here and on his LinkedIn profile here.