How Powerful Influencer Dilan Abeya Got Where He is Today

When Dilan Abeya got asked to represent start-up brand modelling, as well as represent their products, people started noticing him. He explored these opportunities further as he became more well known. It had been documented that making money was always an interest for him since his school days. But it is surprising that he was never “sporty” or never went to the gym. He ran a tuck shop and earned a lot from it at a very young age. He also created music tapes and sold them in and out of school. When he was in university, he ran club nights and made a profit from those events, too. He lived and worked in Japan, the USA and London (UK). When he was pre-graduating from university, he did internships and other holiday jobs every summer, Easter and Christmas, to gain experience in different fields, and of course, to earn money to pay his way. After coming into the limelight modelling for specific brands, he became the favourite model of his fans.


Dilan Abeya is self-taught in fitness and modelling. He began working out after overcoming several traumatic and relationship obstacles in his life. Dilan Abeya’s career got a heaving boost because he frequently uploads his fitness pictures on Instagram. With each of his posts, he hopes to not only show his improvement but also to encourage others to do the same.

Dilan Abeya was born to immigrant parents from Sri Lanka on the welfare of a council estate in North London. He was the second child of his parents, but his younger sibling passed at birth before he was even born. He liked almost every subject, from mathematics to art. His life partner left him for another, and after she left, this traumatic experience triggered a change in his life. He started rechannelling the trauma, taking pictures in the gym and uploading them onto Instagram – a social media platform that his former partner never “allowed” him to be on. People began following him and he started trending on his way to becoming a rising star in the world of fitness and fashion. His fans and followers started imitating him and his captions. 

Dilan is ambitious and has always been interested in creating or building things from scratch, such as becoming an influencer

on Instagram. From nowhere, he started building his Instagram account, which helped him emerge into the limelight as several brands contacted him for collaborations. He is a motivation and an inspiration to his followers and fans. He’s turned out to be a truly authentic influencer for this generation and youth. Today, thousands of youngsters follow him because, through lessons learnt from his troubles, he has become a remarkable inspiration to all of them.