How Much Money To Start A Monopoly?

Have you ever played this classic board game? Monopoly is all about wealth and taking calculated risks. One should seek many questions: how much money to start a Monopoly? Monopoly money distribution and how do properties work? We will guide you here all about monopoly money.

Monopoly games have a rule sheet with all the details about the total money and the amount one must start with. However, it is not straightforward, as different Monopoly sets have different rules depending on your game.

Monopoly was recognized as the most popular board game in 1999 by the Guinness World Records. CNN reported that Hasbro prints $30 billion in Monopoly money every year.

One must monitor that in a standard game of Monopoly, the total money is up to $20,580. We will divide the total sum between the players, and the remainder stays at the bank. Then lay out your board while assigning tokens; here you go to begin.

Everybody is seeking how much money to start Monopoly, and no player can move on because they need a certain amount of Monopoly money to start. One can start with $1,500 as the monopoly banker gives each player the amount in several banknotes.

What is a monopoly?

Monopoly is a real estate board game for almost two to eight players. The objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player. One can become the richest player by remaining financially solvent by buying, renting, and trading properties.

It also involves forcing opponents into bankruptcy by buying and developing property prices. It comes in the form of a square board, and each side of the board contains ten rectangles. Each rectangle represents properties, utilities, railroads, jails, and other events.

As you start the game, there is a fixed amount of money, and the player will move around the board that the throw of a pair of dice will decide. If any player lands on an unowned property, they may buy it, but if they land on any owned property of the other player, they must pay the rent to that player.

Some nonproperty squares require the player to land on them and draw a card that could be favorable or unfavorable for them. If a player obtains a particular group of properties, they can purchase improvements for the properties that would add up to the property’s rental fee.

The player travels around the game board until they are bankrupt, which will cause elimination from the game. At the same time, the player who remains in the game by trading properties in a better way would be the winner.

History of Monopoly

Monopoly is the best-selling privately patented board game that gained popularity when an unemployed engineer sold the concept to Parker Brothers in 1935. Homemade versions were quite common in several areas of the United States.

This board game has been revised and renewed so many times in history. Initially, Darrow successfully marketed his version of Monopoly, but demand overwhelmed his ability to produce the game sets in bulk.

Parkers Brothers acquired the game from Darrow, who promoted it as a brain-child of an unemployed engineer who wants to entertain during economic hardships. Gradually, Monopoly became popular in various other parts of the world.

Can you buy property on the first round of Monopoly?

To start Monopoly, place the game board on the table, and put the Chance and Community Chest cards facedown on allotted spaces. Each player chooses a token to represent while traveling around the board.

Bankers distribute the money so that each player gets $1500 in cash in several notes, including two $ 500’s, $ 100s, $ 50s, and $50s, along with six $20s, five of $10s, $ 5’s, and $ 1’s. The remaining cash and equipment got to the bank.

While playing Monopoly, players roll two six-sided dice that will decide to buy and trade properties while making developments with houses and hotels. After buying properties, players can collect rent from their opponents.

Paying rent to the properties will make the other players get into bankrupt. One can gain or lose money through Chance and Community Chest cards and tax squares. The players end up in jail, where they can only move if they meet several conditions.

Monopoly has several house rules, spin-offs, hundreds of editions, and related media. And now, it has become part of international culture and is printed in more than 37 languages.

There is a contradiction in seeking the answer of whether you can buy property on the first round of Monopoly, as some people say that you can only buy properties if they complete one revolution. However, according to official rules, anyone can purchase property as the game begins.

Setting house rules before the game begins will let the players play the way they want without waiting one time around the board. In the first round, buying houses or properties might seem weird, but to know the exact situation, one must see the game’s rules.

General rules of Monopoly

There are specific home standards for playing games; according to them, there would be property exchange once someone possesses all properties. At this point in the game, one can exchange properties until all players are satisfied.

During exchanging properties for cash, if someone tries to trick the other player with the wrong bill, then they can send the player to jail for three turns, or they have to pay twice the amount to escape prison. And then compensate the player with the correct amount.

One can not exchange the property to conspire against a player with a higher collection property. Any player paying a large portion of a house cost can move from a current house to a new one.

If players draw a special card that says something bizarre is going on, every player needs to pick one of the cards to trade. One can select the property and swap it precisely with the property or exchange them with the property you choose and pick yours.

Monopoly housing

  • Typically, the rule of the house makes it clear that one person processes all the properties of a similar color before the option to purchase houses among those properties.
  • The most significant number of houses one can assemble on one property follows the first rule. One approach to monitoring the number of homes is to place them on one property with the thought that the exact number is on all properties of that color.
  • Another house rule is that players can only build houses when they have already sold properties of similar colors. Generally, it does not matter whether one person owns it or not, and it negates the previous words.
  • Another house rule is that regardless of the number of accessible houses, the bank permits the players to construct them if they have money to pay for them.
  • Some house rules allow the players to manufacture lodging, despite needing more houses in the bank. A lack of structure can affect poor players as they need more money to spend on it.
  • The basic rule is that players can expand specific properties when they land on them. Following this rule, properties will grow in a color bunch, which makes advancement, and the next house did right after the other.
  • The official Monopoly rules permit five houses or hotel changes for the shorter type of game. Remember that one hotel is equal to five houses.

Title deeds

As the game begins, the banker has to rearrange and hand out three Title Deeds to every person in the game. They won’t charge for these cards to any player, and there is no need for installment payments to the bank.

Any player needs three houses in full color of the bunch to purchase a hotel. Hotel leases continue, and the turn-in exchange price is a large portion of the price tag. So, more than one house is needed to play the game.

Monopoly jail

If any player lands on the jail square, one can get an exit using the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card on the off chance. Or one can get the opportunity by rolling a pair of dice or by paying a fine of $50.

On the other hand, according to standard principles, the player can attempt to roll pairs, and if you never move them correctly, you must pay $50 on your next turn. The punishment for arriving at Home Square is $200.

How to start a Monopoly game?

Usually, people play Monopoly games for the first time and must learn how to take charge or set up a game board. It is not that straightforward, but always essential to set it up properly.

Everyone plays with their house rules, which differ from the official ones in boxes. Therefore, one must use the game guide to help start a Monopoly game. The given guide will help you to learn the rules of the game.

To set up a classic Monopoly game, one must place every player’s token on Go while distributing $1,500 cash to each player. Shuffle the Chance and Community Chest cards while placing them in their correct spots.

Make sure that property cards are in the correct order and that cash in the bank must is in the specified sections, making it easy to grab the right bills.

According to official instructions, you must shuffle the property cards first and deal three random cards to each player. No player pays for it, so one can use it during the game, not set up.

Monopoly money distribution

In a standard game of Monopoly, as we have mentioned earlier, each player starts with $1,500. They distribute money in-game as follows:

  • Two $500 notes
  • Two $100 notes
  • Two $50 notes
  • Six $20 notes
  • Five $10 notes
  • Five $5 notes
  • Five $1 notes

Some Monopoly games can have extra starting cash depending on the number of players. As in Monopoly Junior, two players game will begin at $20 per player, three players game at $18 per person, and four players game at $16 per person.

How to “Go in Monopoly”?

All tokens start at “Go” as you start a game of Monopoly. The first roll of the dice does not count as the Go space. Landing at the first space after going in your first turn is impossible, as the minimum dice roll is two.

Mediterranean Avenue is one of the four spaces where no player can land in their turn. In comparison, the others have the Chance space before Park Place, itself Park Place and Luxury Tax

One can land on any spaces from Short Line with a combination of doubles and non-double rolls. Boardwalk would be reachable if the dice is double six and ten, or double five and double six, landing on Chance if you draw the “Advance to Boardwalk” card.

One can make it to Mediterranean Avenue if there is a roll of two doubles, landed on Chance, and then rolled double one that would land in jail. One can be reachable on the first roll using the Community Chest “Advance to Go” card.

According to the official Monopoly rules, all players will roll the dice to decide the turn order. First of all, the banker will move then there would be the other player’s turn. The player with the highest roll will start, and turns will pass on to the left.

If you bother with a few official rules of Monopoly, you can use any rules to decide your turn. You can start anyway, depending on your choice.

Can you go around the board once before buying anything?

One can only go around the board after buying property in Monopoly. Any player can purchase property on the first roll, and if they land there, one must not choose to purchase and go straight to auction.

There is one “Taking a Lap” rule where one needs to complete one lap of the board before buying anything. To wait for one lap is an unofficial rule to make the game a little longer while making it fairer, as no player going first can get the most significant advantages.

It does not mean that if any player starts with higher numbers and can get an advantage overall, they may gain an advantage only for the first three or four turns. Monopoly is unique and exciting as most of the game involves luck.

How does Monopoly end?

According to official rules, the game of Monopoly ends when all other players are bankrupt, and the left one is the winner. When the time is up for the practical competition, the players will add up their properties by adding the following:

  • Total cash on hand
  • Utilities, parts, railway possessed, and printed cost on the board
  • Sold claimed property, cost imprinted on the board
  • Houses, paid at price tags
  • Hotels, paid at price tags with the estimate of three houses turned in

Ultimately, the player with the most assets will be the winner. To shorten the game, all players predetermined a measure of time. In this case, the player with the most money would be the winner as the clock runs out, with the most resources in actual cash, property, and houses.

How to play Monopoly? Describe briefly

Starting Monopoly involves the banker distributing $1500 to each player and determining the starting order through a dice roll. The player with the highest roll kicks off the game, followed by others in descending order of their dice rolls.

Players take turns rolling two dice and moving their tokens accordingly. Rolling doubles grants an extra turn, allowing players to move further. Properties not owned by any player can be bought from the bank upon landing on them.

When a player lands on another player’s property, they must pay rent according to the property’s card. Investing in houses and hotels on owned properties boosts rent earnings from other players.

The ultimate goal is to amass the most wealth and bankrupt other players. However, players are limited to buying one property per turn. Tokens cannot move if the player owes money or rent.

Landing on certain spaces, drawing specific cards, or rolling doubles consecutively three times may lead to jail. Landing on a mortgaged property exempts players from paying rent.

Income tax spaces require players to pay $200 or 10% of their assets to the bank. Properties can be purchased upon landing on them if available, allowing players to expand their portfolio.

Grouped properties of the same color enable players to build monopolies, enhancing rent earnings. Mastering these mechanics is key to dominating the Monopoly board and emerging victorious.

Variations in game playing

There are hundreds of gameplay variations; therefore, one can choose how much money to start a Monopoly, the method of playing, and various rules that can make the game easy or challenging.

However, one must remember the basic rule that everyone starts the game with more than $1500, as it will make the game longer and take longer to make players bankrupt. In comparison, if you start the game with less money, all players will need more trips to past “Go” space, which usually results in a drawn-out match.

If anyone does not want to change the amount of money, they can make the game appealing by doing the following options:

  • Add cash to “Free Parking Space” to reward a landing player.
  • Any player can receive money for landing in the “Go” space.
  • Mention random fees throughout the game.
  • Players can make partnerships and can buy properties together.
  • Any player can abruptly end the game without a winner.
  • A player can buy properties where they land and goes bankrupt first.
  • Players can only purchase a property if they round the board once.
  • One can eliminate the mortgage option, and players must sell or trade the property.

How much money do you start in Monopoly Millionaire?

In Monopoly Millionaire, the most innovative version, each player has to with $372,000.

How much money do you get in the Monopoly Cheaters edition?

The Monopoly Cheaters edition is way different from the Classic edition. In this cheaters edition, players are encouraged to cheat at the game and even rewarded for doing it. There are too some rules and instructions one needs to follow.

There are clear instructions for Cheat cards and handcuff units, but there are a couple of other differences as well, as there are few title deeds cards and no houses, only hotels. Moreover, there are no utilities to buy in the Cheater’s edition. However, there are some railroads exist that need help to buy.

The game aims to be the person who has the most money at the end of the game. Monopoly cheater’s addition ends when all the properties are purchased, and the player has reached Go. Stop at “Go,” collect your final $200 and wait until other players get the place.

To start Monopoly Cheaters Edition, every player gets $1500, there is no cheating here, and every player will get equally distributed money. Once the game started correctly, then it would be fun to try the cheats.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition game tokens

Six tokens one can use in Monopoly Cheaters Edition with a slight cheating twist. All these tokens are:

  • The getaway car (loves an old-fashioned bank heist).
  • The Scottie dog (loves skipping out on rent).
  • The corporate penguin (loves charging more rent than the due one).
  • The cat burglar (I love swiping other players’ cash).
  • The T-Rex with an extendable arm (loves stealing the title deeds from different players who contain them).
  • The top hat (likes to tuck an extra $100 while passing Go).

Cheat cards in Monopoly Cheaters Edition

  • Pickpockets steal money from other players.
  • Free stay to avoid paying rent while landing on a property owned by any other player.
  • Bank heist to steal money from the bank.
  • Trick dice to ignore what’s on the dice and move spaces according to their choice.
  • Extra allowance on passing Go, collection of $300 instead of $200.
  • Escape the artist as being in jail but take off the handcuffs.
  • Price gouging to charge a player more rent than they owe.
  • Squatter’s rule is to collect rent from the property owned by another player.
  • Shortchanged is like paying less to other players as much as they owe.
  • The slippery deed is about stealing a title deed from any other player or bank.
  • Property swap is to swap a title deed with any other player or the bank.
  • Unlicensed contractor to place a hotel from the bank or another player for a property you own without paying for it.
  • Counterfeit chance is not following the chance card instructions but doing something else.
  • Identify theft as moving another player’s token on your turn.
  • Surprise demolition is about removing another player’s hotel from their property.


Starting Monopoly and understanding Monopoly money distribution becomes effortless once you grasp the game’s rules. Monopoly encompasses various guidelines, yet none dictate against purchasing in the initial round.

Knowing how much money is required to commence Monopoly is crucial, and it can be managed effectively by adhering to the official guide and Monopoly regulations. Deep comprehension of the Monopoly game enhances the enjoyment shared with family and friends.

The initial funds required to kickstart Monopoly depend on the edition of the game being played. Typically, in standard versions of the Monopoly board game, players begin with $1,500 each. The banker distributes the appropriate bills to players according to the game’s rules.