How Much Money Do Soccer Players Make?

Soccer is often named the most well known game on the planet. Appropriately, soccer players are the absolute most highest paid athletes. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 made the competitor wages drop without precedent for a very long time, however soccer players actually earned some incredible sums.

There are so many kids and adults alike who follow this sport and look up to its players. But how much money do soccer players make? This is the question that most people wonder, especially considering the huge houses and expensive cars most football players own.

Read this article and find out all you need to know about much football players make and who are the highest paid players.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make?

How much does a soccer player make, If you are contemplating on pursuing the life of a professional soccer player, then you must also be wondering, how much do soccer players get paid? Basically, it’s directed by the specificities of the agreement consented to between the player and their club. Like most other professions, the income of a soccer player is either paid on a semi-monthly basis (two times a month) or a bi-weekly basis (two times in a week).

Notwithstanding, along with the profit that players get from their yearly contracts, they also receive additional income through different rewards (appearances, goals scored, trophies won), as well as picture rights and other business advertisements and endorsements.

The income you get, obviously, will be based upon your capacities, your sex and the club for which you are playing. For instance, the base pay in Major League Soccer is $56,250 every year and the normal player brings home $117,000 yearly. The base pay in the National Women’s Soccer League is $16,538 and the maximum pay is $44,000.

Then again, the normal pay rate received by a Premier League footballer is generally $3.5 million every year. All things considered, a European Premiere League footballer gets the most cash flow. However, the two clubs with the highest incomes are situated in Spain and are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

There are likewise anomalies in the Chinese Super League, where players like Oscar and Hulk (Shanghai SIPG), Graziano Pelle (Shandong Luneng), Ezequiel Lavezzi (Hebei China Fortune) and Marek Hamsik (Dalian Yifang) have taken a portion of the game’s greatest agreements.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make A Week?


Proficient players’ income relies upon a ton of elements, for example, the club they play in, the tax framework they are a part of, and exactly how well they do with regards to arranging their deals. Include various other factors like, execution related models identifying with clean sheet and goal scoring rewards, promotion clauses and picture rights and it can get muddled to check exactly how much players really gain. We should investigate a couple of leagues from around the world to see exactly how much soccer players make a week.


The Premier League (England)

As indicated by the Professional Footballers Association in the UK, the mean income of a soccer player in the Premier League presently remains at an astounding £50,000 per week. Keeping this in mind, if we try figuring out how much money a soccer player makes in an hour, it would be approximately $298. The much insulted Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez earns an unfathomable £350,000 per week, and this is not in any event inclusive of the £75,000 bonus that he gets for actually playing a match. Other top players at the club are Paul Pogba who brings home £290,000 every week and David De Gea who procures £200,000 every week.

The Championship (England)

The mean weekly salary for soccer players over this division remains at £7,500 – £8,500 which is equivalent to $45 – $51 per hour, with the most highly esteemed players bringing home around £80,000. Amazingly, this is more than what the normal player in the Eredivisie (the top division in the Netherlands) brings home every week. In spite of the fact that players at eminent clubs, for example, Ajax and PSV will unquestionably be acquiring more than that, a ton of soccer players over the division will gain less than a player in the Championship. Salaries just keep on diminishing the more you go down the groups and in England’s third division, confusingly named League One, players only get between £1,700 – £2,500. This drops to a weekly average salary soccer player of £1,300 – 1,500 in League Two.

Serie A (Italy)

Lately it is La Vecchia Signora or Juventus who have overwhelmed Italian football, winning the last seven league titles. Moreover, they likewise seem to dominate the league for a long time to come, especially since they have signed  Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018. He is by a long shot the top player in the league, bringing home an eye-watering weekly pay of €565,000. Juventus additionally stand superior in the league with regards to the income they hand out and just a couple of their players bring home under €50,000 every week which is almost $298 per week. Moreover, as of late, they also reported that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey will be joining Juventus on a free exchange in the summer of 2019/20 when the contract at his other club lapses. Ramsey will be paid over €400,000 every week which is over his estimated worth. Obviously, not all groups in Italy can offer even close to the wages that Juventus offer. At the humble Chievo Verona, for instance, the group’s top worker who was previously Italy’s international player, Emanuele Giaccherini brings home just €13,000 every week and a large portion of the leagues base group get under €10,000 per week.

La Liga (Spain)


While the nation is home to two of the world’s most popular soccer groups: Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga is likewise composed of little striving groups, for example, Huesca and Rayo Vallecano. Thus, there is again a huge inconsistency with regards to pay rates and what players can hope to gain at the top and the bottom of La Liga. At Real Madrid for example, Gareth Bale, one of the group’s (and league’s) top players brings home €400,000 per week and this is after incorporating tax. Surely most of the celebrity status team members earn over €70,000 every week with chief Sergio Ramos getting €200,000. Things look fundamentally the same way over at Barcelona where players get extremely high wages in all cases. However, every one of them is overshadowed by the incredible €655,000 per week that Lionel Messi brings home.

Who Is The Highest Paid Soccer Player

Do you know who is the highest paid soccer player in the world and how much does he make? Well, for starters, the Barcelona star Lionel Messi has once again taken the number one spot on Forbes’ list of the highest paid soccer players. Christiano Ronaldo came right after Messi and grabbed the second spot. The third football player that makes the most money is Neymar Jr. The following list shows exactly how much these top three players make.


1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona

To win 64 trophies, it took FC Barcelona 105 years. This was prior to Messi joining the team in 2005. In the previous 16 years that he has been with the team, he has driven them towards 34 trophies. He has brought such amazing skills and performances that have put his name among the greatest players in sport and have earned him $1 billion in pretax vocation profit. This year, he hauled the soccer world through long stretches of cliffhanger drama as he battled with the club about playing out the last year of his agreement. He stayed, and stands to gather $92 million for doing so, along with receiving $34 million that he gets from business endorsements, making his total earning a huge $126 million. However, Messi Watch 2021 is in full power, with everyone’s eyes keenly looking for hints regarding where he will go next.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus

Ronaldo is probably one of the most popular sportsmen on earth with 457 million social media devotees. Moreover, he is likewise the most engaged player with regards to business endorsements. He is consistently shown with his good body and great looks for his CR7 lifestyle branded wear, wellbeing and health supports like Herbalife and Clear shampoo, and his lifetime support Nike. In July, he posted a video of himself reading a letter that he wrote to a 10 year old Brazilian soccer player with immense talent called Julia Rosado, and her teary delight as she got it, alongside the Swoosh’s most recent Flight Ball. He is just the second man ever, after Iran’s Ali Daei, to have scored over 100 international goals, as of late passing the mark in Portugal’s UEFA Nations League match against Sweden. He earns an income of $70 million and receives an additional $47 million from his brand advertisements, making his total earnings a grand sum of $117 million.

3. Neymar Jr., Paris Saint-Germain

The 28-year-old Brazilian striker, one of the most headlined players in the game because of his tricks on and off the pitch, increased his income by four times and for the criticism he received in the August of 2017 when he traded playing next to Messi in Barcelona for playing with Paris Saint-Germain. Between his record $263 million transfer charges and his average pay of $78 million, PSG is spending more than $600 million to keep him in the French capital. During this summer, Nike cut off its association with Neymar, which then opened room for him to sign with Puma. He opened Ligue 1’s 2020-21 season with a red card for tearing into the rear of Marseille’s Alvaro Gonzalez head, asserting it was because of racial maltreatment. The average income Neymar Jr. gets is $78 million along with $18 million that he receives from endorsements, making his total earnings up to $96 million.

Other players that made it to forbes’ list of most paid soccer players

4. Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain

The income he earns is $28 million along with the $14 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $42 million.

5. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

The income he earns is $24 million along with the $13 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $37 million.

6. Paul Pogba, Manchester United

The income he earns is $28 million along with the $6 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $34 million.


7. Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona

The income he earns is $28 million along with the $5 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $33 million.

8. Gareth Bale, Real Madrid

The income he earns is $23 million along with the $6 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $29 million.

9. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich

The income he earns is $24 million along with the $4 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $28 million.

10. David De Gea, Manchester United

The income he earns is $24 million along with the $3 million he receives for brand endorsements, making his total earnings $27 million.


Salary of a soccer player

The soccer players salary can vary depending on their experience, level of play, and location. A player in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States can make a minimum salary of $60,000 and an average salary of $282,000 per year.

How much does football players make?

How much does a football player make, the average salary of a football player varies depending on the country they play in, their experience, and their skill level. In England, for example, Premier League footballers make an average salary of $50,000 per week. In contrast, La Liga players in Spain make an estimated $270,000 per week.

Pro Soccer Player Salaries

The average salary for a pro soccer player is $100,000. However, the highest-paid players in the sport can earn upwards of $10 million per year. The vast majority of professional soccer players make significantly less than that though, with the average salary falling somewhere in the range of $30,000 to $50,000.


Spain, Italy, and England are rich countries that can pay their players well. In any case, Italy’s, Spain’s and England’s teams are not even the highest paying top level associations. The Chinese Super League has ventured up it’s competition for global players to help spread it’s football (soccer) influence on the planet, and is luring worldwide players to play in their clubs with mind blowing pay rates. For example, Didier Drogba recently signed for an income of $300,000 per week, however it’s not without contention.

International players are being called to China to upgrade the degree of local competition, and accordingly improve the skills and qualities of their own national players. Then again, America’s Major League Soccer has mean pay rates of around $50,000 yearly, and numerous nations in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and South America have clubs and associations that are named “proficient”, however the players need other business just to take care of themselves. Therefore, the amount of money that a soccer player earns, depends a lot on the club he plays in as well as his personal abilities.

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