All You Need to Know About Leah Maria Klein and Her View on Modelling

Leah Maria Klein is an LA-based Dutch model. The born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands beauty, is slowly taking over the modeling industry. After an interview with the model, I was able to capture unique qualities that have made her stand out. The beautiful rising queen has had several successful shoots in her time, one her biggest being her recent shoot with Playboy and a cover with FHM. The busy and ever stunning model takes us through her modeling career, mentioning that her audience is her greatest motivation.

Klein, like an open book, offers advice to other passionate models ready to join the industry. She goes ahead to mention that she is where she is because of inspirations from her favorite photographer and other queens such as Brigitte Bardot and Kate Moss. A girl needs someone to look up to.


Growing Your Brand as a Model

  According to Klein, social media platforms such as Instagram, are the best for any model to establish their brand. A good number of followers, posting high-quality photos and being ready to engage with your audience, are some of the leads that will get you on your feet in the modeling career. Knowing your target audience is another crucial detail that every model should know as they enter the industry. Social media, according to Klein, has been her most significant breakthrough. It is where she met most of her employers.

As a model, however, consistency is vital. Klein says that it helps with your audience engagement rate and attracts potential employers. All that is still not enough as almost every model wants to monetize their skills. It is, therefore, essential to partner with other brands that are in support of your niche. A good example is Klein’s feature in Playboy’s South Africa magazine and her cover with FHM.


Some Pro Camera Tips

  For you to produce high quality and beautiful photos and videos like Klein’s, she says one must be willing to invest in a good photographer and be ready to do as many shots as they possibly can. Taking your time as a model allows you to relax and flow with the theme of the shoot, Producing quality images. The beautiful lass goes ahead to mention that one of her favorite photographers, David LaChapelle, serves as a great inspiration in her career.

Another critical factor, according to Klein, is choosing the right outfit for a shoot. An outfit promotes your confidence as a model. It gives you a sense of identity to what you are and do. Once you are comfortable, then you can be sure posing for the cameras will not be a big deal.


Klein’s Aspirations

  Just like most people, working towards an end goal is one of the greatest motivations. Klein looks forward to starting her charity organization. It is a very noble thought and portrays how kind and caring the beauty is. She also aspires to have a family, people she can share her love and time. Being the tourist she is, Klein looks forward to a great future that will enable her travel to Tokyo, Turks & Caicos and Dubai. Discipline and integrity in such a delicate industry as modeling should never lack as they are the specimen to success and achieving everyone’s goals.

Klein looks forward to growing her brand and partnering with other, more prominent commercial brands in the market. Her focus is securing a name for herself in the modeling industry and trying to leave a legacy that will be looked upon for years to come.


Apart from modeling, Klein loves shopping, traveling, photography, sleeping late, yoga, and dining. She has been able to incorporate these skills in her career and have sailed her through successfully. She also loves playing with her Pomeranian in her free time, how cute. Modeling, according to Klein, is a form of art, and her greatest inspiration is art. Being the natural that she is, it is an industry that she seamlessly found her voice. She continues to urge other young girls to get out and explore their beauty. The fun-loving and noble beauty makes this world a lucky space to have her.