Linkedin Basic And Premium: How Much Is Linkedin Premium?

LinkedIn is a frequent professional networking platform. It has evolved beyond its essential functions. LinkedIn Premium offers several subscription plans. Keep reading to know how much the linkedin premium is.


LinkedIn Premium

Subscription plans tailored to different user needs. Note the pricing details and check LinkedIn’s official website. Users look to supercharge the networking and career prospects. 

LinkedIn Premium stands as a lead player. It is a subscription service that provides enhanced features. Providing all the tools to optimize professional networking. The cost of LinkedIn Premium varies according to the chosen plan. 

The subscription plans to cater to different goals. This platform offers job hunting, skill development, and sales prospecting. LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service. It provides many features to enhance the LinkedIn experience. 

Here, we will delve into the details of LinkedIn Premium pricing. Explore various available plans to make it a worthwhile investment. Pricing varies due to specific programs and payment frequency. We will get into all the intricacies and up-to-date information.

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Understanding LinkedIn Premium 

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based service. It offers a combination of enhanced features. Users undergo a robust and targeted professional networking experience. Yet, the prices and features can vary across different plans. 

LinkedIn Premium offers specific tools to help users stand out. The platform helps to connect and find opportunities. Here are the offerings of LinkedIn Premium in the professional world: 

  • InMail credits 
  • Open profile 
  • Analytics who viewed your profile
  • Salary insights 
  • Advance search filters
  • Learning and skill development 
  • Profile badge 
  • Enhance profile views 
  • InMail credits and messages 
  • Job insights 
  • Access to premium insights 

InMail credits

One of the critical features among job seeker tools. It is the ability to send InMail messages to people outside the network. Job seekers can connect to recruiters and hiring managers. 

Open profile 

Premium members can choose to display an open profile badge. It indicates that users are open to job opportunities. 

Analytics who viewed your profile

Premium members get detailed insights about viewing their profile. The information can be valuable to reach. It will impact your LinkedIn presence. 

Salary insights 

Some of the premium plans offer access to salary insights. Allowing users to understand salary ranges. Salary for various roles depends on factors like location and industry. 

Advance search filters 

Premium members have access to advanced search filters. It allows them to narrow down their search for companies and jobs. They may be able to find jobs based on specific areas. 

Learning and skill development 

Depending on the premium plan, users get access to LinkedIn learning. It offers a vast library of courses about professional skills. A robust feature for continuous learning. It could be beneficial for professional development as well. 

Profile badge 

Premium members can display a premium badge on their profile. It indicates their commitment to professional growth. 

Enhance profile views 

Premium users receive enhanced visibility in search results. Branding makes their profiles more prominent to recruiters. At the same time, people are searching for specific skills. 

InMail credits and messages 

Premium Plans include a certain number of InMail credits. Monthly credits allow users to reach out to professionals. They may reach the people if they have yet to connect. 

Job insights 

Premium members receive extra insights into job postings. It will help users to compare the skills of successful candidates. 

Access to premium insights 

Premium Business plans offer additional insights. It comes with insights into companies and their employees. Aiding in sales prospecting and business development. 

LinkedIn regularly updates its features and offerings. The specifics of LinkedIn Premium may evolve. Users should check the official LinkedIn website for current information. You may get all the details on pricing, features, and benefits. 

Different LinkedIn Premium plans to check prices 

LinkedIn Premium offers several subscription plans. They designed the plans to meet different needs. Here are some of the main LinkedIn Premium plans: 

  • LinkedIn Premium Career 
  • LinkedIn Premium Business 
  • LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator 
  • LinkedIn Premium Recruiter 
  • LinkedIn Premium Education 

LinkedIn Premium Career

Premium Career features are here:

  • InMail credits allow you to send messages to anyone. You may send a message on LinkedIn even if you have no connection. 
  • Job insights in comparison to other applicants. It will help to get more information about posted jobs. 
  • The open candidate option will signal the recruiters. It will portray that you are open to job opportunities. 
  • Access to LinkedIn learning to hone skills. 
  • It provides a platform for personal growth. 

LinkedIn Premium Business 

Some of the salient features of LinkedIn Premium Business are here:

  • InMail credits are like career plans. In the same way, it allows you to message anyone on LinkedIn. 
  • Enhance search practicality for targeted searches. 
  • Assess company insights and their employees. 
  • LinkedIn learning for professional development. 
  • It gears towards small to medium-sized businesses. 

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator 

Here are some essential features of this plan: 

  • Suggestions for “potential leads” for your preferences. 
  • InMail credits to directly contact potential people. 
  • Advanced search filters to find potential customers. 
  • Discover connections within your sales team. TeamLink to leverage the collective networks.  
  • It helps users integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 
  • A recommended platform for sales professionals. 

LinkedIn Premium Recruiter 

Certain features of this plan are here: 

  • InMail credits to reach out to potential clients. 
  • Advanced search with “recruiter tools” to track talent. 
  • Promote job opportunities to a vast audience. 
  • Collaborate with team members for the hiring process. 
  • It caters to recruitment professionals. 

LinkedIn Premium Education 

Here are premium features for education:

  • Reach to LinkedIn learning for educational purposes. It will make users find skill-building content. 
  • Career insights for users with similar educational backgrounds. 
  • InMail credits to connect people outside your network. 

Features and benefits 

LinkedIn Premium is significant due to its range of features. Each plan caters to specific users’ needs. LinkedIn offers facilities to people with: 

  • Job hunting 
  • Personal growth 
  • Business development 
  • Sales prospecting 
  • Talent acquisition 
  • Educational purposes

Advanced search filters empower users to find exact connections. It connects professionals outside your immediate network. Profile visibility and insights offer a competitive edge. Making users understand who views their profile. 

Which factors can influence prices? 

Pricing for the plan varies depending on the user’s needs. LinkedIn offers monthly and annual subscription options. One can find the most accurate information by visiting the LinkedIn website. 

LinkedIn pricing is not standard across the board. Various factors can influence the cost. Learning these factors will help to make an informed decision. It includes: 

  • Geographic location 
  • Industry-specific considerations 
  • Customization options 
  • Add ons

What is the difference between LinkedIn Basic and Premium? 

LinkedIn Premium offers a range of learning. It provides a wide range of professional development resources. Such features set it apart from the Basic LinkedIn experience. 

LinkedIn offers a free basic membership and several premium subscription plans. The difference between LinkedIn Basic and Premium lies in their features. Here are some fundamental distinctions: 

LinkedIn Basic

LinkedIn Basic provides users access to the platform at no cost. With a basic account, one can create a professional profile. Maintain a professional profile while connecting with other professionals. 

A platform where one showcases their skills and experience for free. It offers essential networking aspects. However, LinkedIn Basic needs some of the advanced features. Here we will get into the details: 

  • Profile visibility 
  • Connection limits 
  • Job search 
  • Networking 
  • Who has viewed your profile?

Profile Visibility 

Basic members can create a LinkedIn profile. They maintain it to showcase their professional experience, education, and skills. Profiles are visible to other LinkedIn users. These users can connect with others within your network. 

Connection limits 

Basic members have limitations for some connections. They can send limited connection requests. However, specifics may change over time. 

Job search 

Users can search and apply for jobs. They get help from the LinkedIn job board. Basic job search features are there on this platform. In comparison, premium members get more filters and insights. 


Basic members can connect with various other LinkedIn users. They can also join groups and participate in discussions. There is a limitation to access to some networking features. 

Who has viewed your profile? 

Basic members can see a limited number of users. One can get knowledge about the people who have viewed profiles recently. 

LinkedIn Premium 

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service. Elevate professional networking due to a range of advanced features and tools. It comes with different plans for various professionals. 

This platform provides advanced features and search filters. Here, we will provide its components within the professional sphere: 


  • InMail credits 
  • Advanced search filters
  • Profile Visibility 
  • Viewers of profile 
  • Job insights 
  • Learning and skill development
  • Salary insights 

InMail credits 

Premium members receive a monthly allocation of Inmail credits. It allows them to send messages to individuals outside the network. 

Advanced search filters 

Premium plans offer advanced search filters for targeted searches. At the same time, search depends on criteria such as industry and job function. 

Profile Visibility 

Premium members can enhance visibility in search results. It makes their profiles prominent for recruiters. 

Viewers of profile 

Premium members have access to more detailed information. One may check who has viewed your profile with additional insights. 

Job insights 

Premium members receive additional insights for job postings. They will also learn about other applicants and the skills of successful candidates. 

Learning and skill development 

Whatever premium plan you choose, users get access to LinkedIn learning. It provides an extensive library of courses with various professional skills. 

Salary insights 

Some premium plans offer access to salary insights. It will help users to understand salary ranges for several roles. 

Factors influencing pricing 

LinkedIn prices are not uniform across the platform. Various factors influence the cost. These factors include location and industry-specific considerations. The specifications, too, have customization options with additional features. Understanding the elements is crucial for making informed decisions. 

  • Evaluation of the return on investment (ROI)
  • Analyzing the value of premium features 
  • Measuring impact on career development 
  • Quantifying benefits for businesses 
  • Real-world success stories 

Evaluation of the return on investment (ROI) 

Evaluating return on investment (ROI) depends on individual goals. And how effectively given features align with the objectives. One must consider the following features to assess the return on investment: 

Analyzing the value of premium features

The fundamental question is whether LinkedIn is worth it or not. We can come to know by detailed analysis of the premium features. Advanced search filters can save time. It also improves the adequacy of networking efforts. Such as InMail credits, bring new connections that are inaccessible otherwise. 

Measuring impact on career development 

LinkedIn Premium can be a game changer in career development. For individual professionals, it comes with profile visibility. The insights allow users to understand who is viewing your profiles. 

Such features will provide valuable feedback. Learning resources will aid in skill development. A critical aspect is competitiveness in the professional landscape. 

Quantifying benefits for businesses 

Whether small or large businesses, they benefit from collaborative features. Team collaboration tools can improve communication. The coordination can aid in search functionality. This way, companies can find the right talent. 

Real-world success stories 

To add a reality touch, explore real-world success stories. Professionals can leverage the business by using LinkedIn Premium effectively. They may share their growth and networking capabilities. 

Can you create a business LinkedIn account? 

Creating a business LinkedIn account is a transparent process. Here are step-to-step details to guide you: 

  • Personal LinkedIn account 
  • Log In or sign up 
  • LinkedIn business page creation 
  • Choose page type 
  • Fill in business Information 
  • Company logo and visuals 
  • Company details 
  • Create a custom LinkedIn URL 
  • Verify your page
  • Publish your page 
  • Optimize your page 

Personal LinkedIn account 

Before creating a business account, ensure you have a personal LinkedIn account. They should manage business pages through individual profiles. 

Log In or sign up

Log in to your existing personal LinkedIn account. Sign up if you do not have one. Visit LinkedIn to access the registration page. 

LinkedIn business page creation

After logging in, go to the “Work” dropdown menu. You may find it on the top right of the LinkedIn homepage. Select “Create a company page” from options. 

Choose page type 

LinkedIn will make you choose the type of page. Select small or medium to large businesses, depending on organization size. 

Fill in business information 

Complete the needed fields. Include the company name, size, type, and industry. Add a brief description of your business. Highlight the essential aspects. 

Company logo and visuals 

Upload your company logo. Make a compelling cover image to enhance the page’s visual appeal. Make sure that visions align with the brand identity. 

Company details 

Provide some additional details, such as: 

  • Company’s website URL 
  • Industry 
  • Company’s location 

Specific information will help you to enhance business visibility. Moreover, it will allow users to understand more about your business. 

Create a custom LinkedIn URL 

Create a custom LinkedIn URL for your business page. It will make people find and remember your page. 

Verify your page

LinkedIn may require verification of whether you have the authority to create a page. It involves confirming your email address. They may even ask more about additional details. 

Publish your page

Review the information you have provided. After entering the correct information, click on the “Create Page.” Then, enter the “Publish” button to make the LinkedIn business page live. 

Optimize your page 

After creating a business page, optimize it. Add relevant content. Include company updates and job postings and engage with your audience. 

Is LinkedIn free for businesses? 

LinkedIn offers free and premium services for businesses. It allows users to create a presence on the platform. One may connect with professionals who engage in various networking activities. Here are free and premium features available to businesses on LinkedIn. 

is LinkedIn free for businesses

LinkedIn is free for business

Here are some free features for businesses: 

Company pages 

Businesses create a LinkedIn company page for free. The platform serves as an official profile for the businesses. The profile contains information about the company, products, and services. Even the industry may share any updates.


Businesses can connect with professionals and other companies for free. It includes sending connection requests. One can also join industry-related groups and discussions. 

Content sharing 

Companies can share updates and other content on the Company Page. It allows users to engage with their followers. Users can showcase their expertise as well. 

Job postings 

Primary job postings are accessible on a Company Page. Otherwise, job promoting listings could be costs associated. It helps businesses attract talent through their LinkedIn network. 


LinkedIn provides basic analytics for Company Pages. It will allow businesses to track the performance of posts. One can also check engagement metrics. 

LinkedIn Premium for business 

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service for professional networking. It offers a range of advanced features and tools. One may get premium services for business solutions. All the features may expand the reach and engagement of the business. Some key features of LinkedIn Premium for business include: 

InMail Credits

Premium members get InMail Credits monthly. InMail allows users to send direct messages to people outside their network. It can be valuable for business development and outreach. 

Advanced search filters

Premium users have access to advanced search filters. Which will enable more targeted searches for potential clients. 

Company insights 

Premium plans offer improved insights into companies. This feature will help businesses to identify potential clients. It will also make them stay informed about industry trends. 

Enhanced visibility

Premium members have better visibility in search results. It will help professionals to discover your business efficiently. This feature will help to reach the target audience. 

Learning and development 

Depending on the specific premium plan, users may access LinkedIn Learning. The platform maintains a vast library of courses covering various skills. 

CRM Integration

Premium plans offer integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It will help businesses streamline the lead generation. The platform also makes you deal with the management process. 

Tips to maximize LinkedIn premium 

To maximize the use of LinkedIn, make the most of the platform. Maximizing LinkedIn involves building a solid profile. It may reflect your skills and achievements. By following several strategies, we can optimize the LinkedIn experience: 

Leverage advanced search efficiently

Advanced search filters are unique features of LinkedIn Premium. Learn to use them effectively to narrow down the search. They make users connect with professionals who align with their goals. 

Leverage LinkedIn search and job features to explore opportunities. Stay informed of industry trends. 

Craft compelling InMail messages

Personalize connection requests with the intent to connect. InMail credits are valuable. However, crafting an appropriate message is essential. Learn the dos and don’ts of creating compelling content. 

 Utilize profile insights for strategic networking

Know the audience who views your profile and then craft a compelling headline and summary. Showcase your value proposition. Provide robust information to get responses. Learn to interpret profile insights. Use the insights strategically in networking efforts. 

Continuous learning and skills formation 

LinkedIn Premium offers multiple learning resources. Discover how to make the most out of these resources. Continually develop skills and stay ahead in your industry. 

Stay updated with LinkedIn Premium 

LinkedIn usually offers new features. The platform also adjusts pricing models, which align with users’ needs. Check LinkedIn official updates and announcements. Ensure you stay on top of the latest developments. 

Stay proactive in adapting to changes. It is a strategic advantage in the world of networking. 

stay updated with LinkedIn Premium

The dynamics of networking in the digital age

Networking is a cornerstone for professional success. LinkedIn Premium provides several tools to enhance digital networking. It is crucial to beat the balance. Attend industry events and participate in webinars. Moreover, engage in face-to-face interactions. All these efforts will complement your online presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) serve a critical role in various contexts. It will provide a multitude of benefits while providing relevant information. 

Is LinkedIn free for business? 

Explore the basics of business accounts on LinkedIn. Understand the available features. Determine which are free and which need a premium subscription. 

LinkedIn Premium discount 

For the budget-conscious professional, there are LinkedIn Premium discounts. Discover tips and tricks to find promotions to make investment beneficial. 

What do you get with LinkedIn Premium? 

One can get critical features and various benefits. Understand how to unlock it with a LinkedIn Premium subscription. 


The LinkedIn premium plans to deal with different needs. It includes job seeking, business development, and talent acquisition. The choice of the platform depends on specific valuable features. Review the current offerings on LinkedIn’s official website for up-to-date information. 

How much is LinkedIn Premium? Navigate the LinkedIn Premium pricing, plans, and other features. Understanding LinkedIn Premium is essential for anyone looking to boost their career or business and striving for networking. 

Can you create a business LinkedIN account? Maintaining an active and engaging business page on LinkedIn is essential. It will build your brand’s presence and attract potential clients. Regularly update your page with relevant content. It will keep your audience informed and interested in business. 

The fundamental aspect is not only the price tag, but it adds value to your professional journey. Use the gained knowledge to make an informed decision which aligns with your goals. 

What is the difference between LinkedIn Basic and Premium? LinkedIn is free to create a Company Page for online presence. LinkedIn Premium for Business offers extra tools for business development. Various features offer networking and talent acquisition. The decision to use a free LinkedIn version or a premium plan depends on the specific goals.