How Much Does It Cost To Send Money Western Union? Cost To Send Money In A Box

Do you know the western union and how much we can transfer? Don’t worry this article will guide you with detailed information about the Western Union. Just follow the article How much does it cost to send money Western Union?

Sending money almost anywhere is simple because of Western Union’s vast global network of agent locations and bank connections. Depending on your demands and resources, you can transfer money quickly for higher rates or a little more slowly for reduced fees. But, in light of the history of client grievances and legal actions against the western union, you can look for smaller money transfer companies with a better track record, exchange rates, and lower fees. Yet, when sending one-time transfers or to far-off locations, Western Union will almost always be less expensive than your bank.

People send money abroad and domestically for various reasons, including compensating a buddy for lunch or assisting a loved one with a down payment on a home. It’s helpful to know that sending money across international borders is as simple as starting a transfer and having the recipient receive the funds, but how much does it cost? While sending and receiving money can be quick, simple, and convenient, costs depend on several circumstances. Along east Broadway, numerous Western Union agents serve the needs of international immigrants.

Furthermore, money orders, debit cards, and prepaid phone cards are available. Consumers are urged to create separate accounts so that using the services would take less time. The majority of this western union’s clients are Chinese. South America, Africa, and India are other popular regions to which money is delivered, demonstrating the diverse clientele of this western union representative. Signs and literature likewise targeted the multi-ethnic clients of this western union. Signs and literature likewise targeted these flyers and posters. It wrote these flyers and characters in Chinese, Spanish, and English.

This article will deliver details about how much does it cost to send money Western Union, Western Union charges from Pakistan, western Union exchange rate Indian rupees, and how to avoid western union fees.

How much does it cost to send money Western Union?

You must use funds from your savings accounts to make these electronic transfers. Over 225,000 western union agent sites offering counter service in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide can send money to a single payee, not a business or corporation. A $10,000 maximum is allowed for each transaction. When cash is ready for pickup at the receiving western union store, there is no option to be notified. For requests between $100 and $2999.99, the sender’s date of birth and one piece of identification is required.

For requests above $3,000, the sender’s date of birth, social security number, place of employment, and two forms of identification are required. It may question the person receiving the money at western union about the sender’s name. Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU is the sender.

Types of money transfer fees

If you’ve ever moved money, you know that the fees vary depending on the bank, the transfer’s destination (local or foreign), and whether an intermediary bank charges fees. Understanding these components will give you more assurance when sending money. The most typical types of money transfer fees include the following:

  • Transfer fees
  • Intermediary bank fees
  • Exchange rate
  • Additional fees

Transfer fees

The fees for money transfers vary based on the bank and are set by each bank or financial institution. The majority of banks distinguish between sending and receiving payments as well as domestic and international transfers.

Intermediary bank fees

Although an exchange rate isn’t always a fee, it is a cost associated with money transfers that you should consider. A currency’s value over another currency is referred to as an exchange rate. For stance, you could exchange around 1 CAD for 0.66 EUR as of march 2021. Instead, 1 EUR is equivalent to roughly 1.52 CAD.

Exchange rate

Consider the exchange rate when calculating how much you will receive from a transfer or how much you must send your recipient for them to receive the correct amount of money. When transferring money between banks that are not financially related to one another, there may be a third-party (or intermediary) bank involved. In addition to the transfer costs imposed by the sending and receiving banks, the intermediate bank may charge its fee. Remember that certain banks set a more considerable markup when changing local currency for an overseas transfer.

If you’re sending a sizable sum of money, this markup, often a percentage of the amount, can have a substantial impact.

Additional fees

There can be extra charges for online versus in-person transfers, cancellation fees, correspondent bank costs, and more when sending money. Ask your financial institution for a quote on the price or any potential fees before starting a money transfer.

How much does a money transfer cost?

As you can see above, finding out how much a money transfer will cost relies on several factors with the variable fees. The following lists some of the expenses related to money transfers for the most well-known banks in Canada:

  • Bank of montreal
  • Canadian imperial bank of commerce
  • National bank
  • Royal bank of Canada

Bank of montreal

  • Sending: For e-transfer sent through Interac with western union, there is a $5 fixed cost per transfer in addition to a 1% commission fee on the total value of each transfer. A $10 fixed charge plus a 0.20% commission fee, with a minimum of C$15 and a maximum of C$125 per transfer, is added to each wire transfer.
  • Receiving: Up to $14.00 per relocation.

Canadian imperial bank of commerce

  • Sending: $ 10,001 or less in transfers is charged $3. $ 10,01 to $50,000 can be transferred for $%0 each. Any transfer over $ 50,000 costs $80,000.
  • Receiving: Up to $15.00 per relocation.

National bank

  • Sending: Within Canada or the Us, each transfer costs $15. $20 for each transfer to a foreign nation.
  • Receiving: Up to $25.00 per relocation.

Royal bank of Canada

  • Sending: Begins at $45 for each transfer, with an extra $35 if an IBAN is omitted.
  • Receiving: No rush.

If a bank or transfer service offers one, estimate your domestic and international transfer fees using the calculator before starting the transfer. The online send-money form provided by Western Union makes it simple to begin transferring money because you are aware of the cost of your transfer.

How to save money on your international money transfer fees?

Money transfer costs can increase, especially if you send or receive money frequently. Fortunately, there are a few methods to reduce your international transfer fees.

Here are some suggestions for cutting your money transfer costs:

Shop around

As previously indicated, many financial institutions charge various money transfer fees, so looking around for the best price can help you save money if you have the time. You can shop around online, compare pricing between banks and non-banks, or contact your neighborhood branch with inquiries like these:

  • What costs are involved in sending money?
  • Do online, and in-person traits have different fees?
  • Are the prices for moving foreign currency and CAD other?
  • What happens if the recipient has no account with this partnering bank?
  • Are there also receiver fees?

Transfer possibilities

Use an electronic funds transfer (EFT) if you don’t require your transaction to clear immediately. Although they take a little longer, these transfers are typically less expensive.

Fees for money transfers can vary depending on how you start them

Certain banks charge running costs when you create a money transfer online vs. in a branch.

Before transferring, check exchange rates or convert

As part of their service fees, several financial institutions use a marked-up exchange rate. As a result, some banks may charge you less if you deliver to the court any that has charged you less if you provide the currency that has already been changed, or if you allow them to convert the funds before transferring. To determine if this option is available, speak with your banking institution.

Use a transfer of funds service

You can quickly send money abroad with the help of international money transfer services like western union, and the fees may be lower than with traditional banks. The association of the west can also be a more practical choice because it offers additional payment options, including cash pick-up.

Western Union charges from Pakistan

The worldwide money transfer company western union has been in business for over 150 years. Customers can send money anywhere in the world through direct bank account deposits or cash pickups. Pakistanis living abroad can send money back home through Western Union. And up to a specific amount, Pakistani citizens can send money abroad using Western Union.

Can I use western union in Pakistan?

Yes, Pakistan does offer western union. Locals can use a western union representative to send money in person or receive money from overseas. Western Union provides online and in-person services for sending money to Pakistani citizens living abroad. The two primary methods of receiving money in Pakistan are transfers sent directly to a bank account or cash pick-up. However, more on that is covered in the section after this one.

Western Union offers transfer services for up to USD 3,000 daily in local currency if you want to send money from Pakistan to another country. To make the transfer, you must physically visit a western union agent in Pakistan.

How to send money to Pakistan with Western Union?

Western Union makes it simple to receive money in Pakistan. You can pick up the cash at a western union partner bank or agency, or the money is available in your local bank or agency or public in your local bank account. Be careful to get confirmation from your sender on the payment method for Pakistan. Make sure your sender has the following details before sending money from a bank account:

  • Your whole name
  • Data of your bank account
  • The reason for the transfer
  • Both your home and mobile numbers.

What paperwork is necessary for me to get money from the Western union?

If you have chosen to have money deposited straight into your bank account, you won’t need to present any paperwork. You will be alerted through email or SMS when the funds have been deposited into your account. In Pakistan, more than 11,000 agents are available to pick up cash. Here is what you will need to bring to pick up a cash transfer from a western union representative to prove your identification and that the transaction is for you:

  • The sender’s money transfer control number (MTCN)
  • Full name of the sender
  • The nation of the sender
  • A government-issued ID, such as a passport, CNIC, or NICP.
  • The approximate amount of the money transfer.

What is the Pakistan Western Union cap?

Depending on the sending nation, a sender may only send a certain amount to Pakistan. A British person may send up to £5,000 in a single transfer, but a US resident may send up to $5,000 in a single transfer. To determine the maximum amount a person from Pakistan can receive, check with the sender’s nation.

How long before it is picked up can remain in Western Union?

Most of the time, recipients of cash transfers from the western union have up to 90 days to pick up their funds. Recipients can amend the delivery method online with the proper MTCN if adjustments need to be made to how the money is received.

Pakistani costs for Western Union

Two main fees apply when using Western Union to send money to Pakistan. The first fee is a transaction fee, which covers the service’s cost. On transfer, Western Union frequently waives the transaction cost. An exchange rate fee is the second cost. It is concealed in the currency rate you receive from Western Union. The exchange rate is more expensive than the mid-market rate you may find on google due to the markup.

Although this markup might appear minimal, it can soon accumulate on a transfer. It compares wise and western union rates for sending $1,000 to Pakistan so you can see how high they may be. Intelligent has one modest transfer charge when sending money but utilizes the mid-market rate on every transaction, which might reduce the cost.

Western Union exchange rate Indian rupees

Several economists predict that the dollar-to-rupee exchange rate will reach 79.5 INR to 1 USD in 2022 as the dollar’s value relative to the Indian rupee strengthens. It is a fantastic moment to send money abroad as the USD to the rupee exchange rate is still rising. For every dollar you spend, your beneficiary will get additional rupees. Your money is much better spent this way.

Rupees in India for a one dollar

Inflation and rising crude oil costs are two reasons why inflation and rising crude oil costs are two reasons why the dollar value in India is still growing versus the rupee. Experts predict that one dollar in rupees will fluctuate between 77 and 80. The INR to USD exchange rate frequently drops to new lows as time passes. At the moment, a rebound is not anticipated.


The current account deficit, which is the difference between a country’s imports and exports, is a significant factor in the increase in the value of the USD relative to the INR. This statistic is crucial for assessing the general economic health of a nation. A significant trade imbalance may indicate a high reliance on foreign capital inflows, which could cause the Indian rupee to fall. Due to rising crude oil prices, expansionary fiscal policy, and slow GDP growth, India’s current account deficit is anticipated to increase.

Rupees to dollar exchange rate

Check the dollar-rupees exchange rate to determine if it is favorable for sending money to India online. The forex (foreign exchange) market fluctuates every minute, influencing how much the exchange rate changes. Right now is an excellent time to send money to India from abroad, as the INR to USD exchange rate is at historic lows.

Use our online comparison tool to examine more than just the currency rates different businesses offer. While one organization might offer the lowest mid-market exchange rate, they could also impose additional costs or have longer transfer times compared to their competitors.

We highlight the top businesses that provide competitive rates for converting dollars into rupees, with minimal transfer fees and quick turnaround times.

Indian rupee exchange rate today

Today’s fluctuating US dollar exchange rate in India makes it crucial to weigh your options before transferring money abroad. You should consider the current USD to INR exchange rate and other factors like transfer costs and speed. Since the USD to INR conversion rate is high, we advise taking advantage of it to maximize the value of your cash.

Prediction for USD to INR 2023

Despite the RBI’s intervention, the value of the Indian rupee against the US dollar has fallen further (Reserve bank of India). Like with most world currencies, the RBI’s decisions can significantly impact how strong the Indian rupee is. Increased interest rates may support a stronger INR. According to inflation and the overall health of the Indian rupee is. Increased interest rates may invest a stronger INR.

According to inflation and the overall health of the Indian economy, the RBI either increases or decreases interest rates. The Indian rupee has underperformed in most other Asian currencies only this year due to its consistent depreciation versus the US dollar. To combat the country’s high inflation, the US federal reserve is predicted to keep raising interest rates through 2023, which could strengthen the US currency against the Indian rupee.

The USD to INR exchange rate was 74.50 at the beginning of 2022; by late October, it had reached a record high of 83.50. According to some analysts, the US dollar would continue to appreciate against the Indian rupee by the end of 2023, with the USD to INR exchange rate perhaps reaching 85 or 86.

How to avoid western union fees?

Sending money abroad can be done in numerous ways. The amount you’re sending, the destination, and how quickly you need to get it there all factor into choosing the least expensive way. Four quick tips for donating money are provided below:

  • Always read the fine print.
  • Make sure you receive the most incredible deals.
  • Account for hidden currency rate expenses.
  • Always shop around.

Corporations that transfer money

Online money transfer businesses like western union and money gram are many. Use delayed transactions and plan. In other words, you can plan your transfer for two to four days if the money transfer is not urgent. This slower service is at least 20% less expensive in price. Anyone can use PayPal to transfer money electronically between their accounts. Money transfer via PayPal is cost-free. However, there is a fee for the recipient in another country to cash the check.

Transfers between banks

Central banks provide wire transfer services in at least 25 foreign currencies. Certain banks will transfer money immediately into the recipient’s bank account, depending on the country. You might have to supply your and your recipient’s financial information, which could take up to five business days. Yet, the recipient may find this to be quite convenient.

Teller draughts

There are numerous names for bank draughts. They are known as money orders or cashier’s checks in Canada and the US. You create a bank draught in the beneficiary’s name and send it to them via mail or courier. Although it can take up to 15 days for the receiver to get the money, this is the most incredible way to save money. Save on fees in a non-emergency situation.

Money transfers via email

Some financial organizations provide a service for sending money by email. Although the transaction starts by email and the recipient is told that the funds are available, no money is transmitted via email. Although a security question is typically necessary to identify the recipient before they may retrieve the funds, you don’t need the recipient’s bank account number.

Broke of currency exchange

Using a trustworthy currency broker can frequently be less expensive when moving significantly more significant sums of money for purposes like buying a home, launching a business, or sending regular payments abroad. Most of the time, you must create an account with the company and fund it with either money from a bank account or a credit card. However, the advantages of hiring such businesses allow you to establish separate agreements for your unique needs, such as fixed exchange rates for a predetermined duration.


Money-wiring and transferring companies play a crucial role in the immigration process. These agents are a common sight, especially on East Broadway, where you can find one every 15 stores. According to The New York Times, Western Union operates 320,000 stations worldwide, showcasing the west’s global reach. Western Union helps maintain family connections and acts as a bridge in the migration process, whether in East Broadway, New York, or Fuzhou, China.