How Jack Kellogg Removed Doubts by Rising Above All Odds

Most people get easily discouraged early on in their trading career without understanding that it takes time to find your footing in the stock market. Success does not happen overnight and it involves years of learning and experimenting to find out which trading pattern works for you, as evident from Jack Kellogg’s story. 

Kellogg has taken over 3600 trades to date so how can you expect to find the same profitable consistency after 20 trades? When Jack Kellogg decided to invest his savings into penny stocks and started learning about day trading, his father reminded him that it was a scam. He was constantly doubted and told that investing in such a risky business meant losing all his hard-earned money. However, this had no effect on Kellogg and he remained persistent to achieve his trading goals. 


Fortunately, he ran into a childhood friend who was familiar with this field and taught him the basics about penny stocks. He then turned to Timothy Sykes’ video lessons for further guidance and absorbed the information there like a sponge. Eventually, he had sufficient knowledge and savings to start full-time trading in 2018. In 2019 he hit $150k profits and in 2020 he did even better by crossing over $1M profits. In February 2021, he made $2.5M which is his best month to date.

After devoting 4-5 years of his life to his career, Kellogg was able to turn $30k into $8M and clear all the doubts that his parents had in his mind. They were doubtful of his career choice but still gave him all the love and support they could. Even though they weren’t that well off they worked hard to give him a good life. When he finally generated enough wealth to gain financial freedom he could make a shift to doing things for the people who helped him along his journey. His parents, being the biggest supporters he could ask for, were given $100k cash as a gift for helping shape him into the person that he is today.


Jack Kellogg’s success story is inspiring but it is important to remember that such results are not very common. His seven-digit earnings are a product of intense dedication and a success mindset.

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